Houston Lightscapes is Committed to Providing You with Outstanding Customer Service!

Just as with any electrical or mechanical system, regular maintenance is essential to maintain the safety and functionality of your system.  Outdoor lighting maintenance is recommended every 3 years. As a benefit of our LED maintenance program, after being serviced, your outdoor lighting is completely protected for another 3 full years.

We’re a family owned and operated businesses and we’re committed to ensuring each customer walks away 100% satisfied with their maintenance plan.  

During your maintenance visit, our team of professionals will service your comprehensive lighting system.  From burying exposed wires and changing out bulbs, to completely retro-fitting halogen systems, our maintenance team will ensure that your system is operating safely and optimally.

Our business is built on customer relationships.  That’s why our commitment to you is total satisfaction. 

Our outdoor lighting maintenance and repair program includes:


  • Change out all bulbs that need to be replaced
  • Replace all sockets
  • Check voltage of each individual light for safety
  • Re-bury any exposed lines
  • Clean all lenses
  • Adjust positioning of light fixtures as needed
  • Clean up overgrowth of foliage that interferes with or blocks lighting
  • Reset timers
  • Preventative maintenance to keep your lighting system running smoothly
  • If you have an old halogen system, we will retrofit your system with LED lighting

Membership Perks

When you’re a member of our maintenance program, we schedule a maintenance visit with you once a year to make sure things are in running order. If you need our services at any other point during the year, all you have to do is call our team and we’ll schedule a time to come and service your lighting system. If you call after hours, simply leave a voicemail and we will call you back to set up a date and time for a maintenance visit.


Retrofitting allows our team to update your current lighting system with energy-efficient LEDs. When we retrofit your system, it can allow you to preserve your current fixtures. While we can replace your fixtures entirely with our custom made fixtures, if you are happy with your current system, we can update what you have with LED lighting. Replacing your old fixtures may be in your best interest, however, as newer fixtures will run better. All of our fixtures are made out of long-lasting, weather-resistant brass. 


Keep your home vibrant and illuminated by booking your maintenance visit today.