Residential Lighting

Transform Your Home With A Stunning Outdoor Lighting Design

Do you know what outdoor residential lighting can do for your home?

From increasing security to adding ambiance and carefully curated curb appeal, a great outdoor lighting installation has the power to completely transform your property.

Our experienced lighting team specializes in custom outdoor lighting designs and installations for all types of residential properties.

Our lighting designers will work with you to turn your vision into reality by creating a custom design completely unique to your space and needs.

From lighting driveways and walkways for safety to elevating your home’s ambiance by designing gorgeous displays for gardens and patios, our residential lighting installations help add security, curb appeal, and functionality to your property.

House in Houston, TX with Landscape Lighting

Path Lighting

Maintain curb appeal and practicality with strategically placed path lighting. Adding lighting to pathways ensures the safety of your family and your guests. 

Pool Lighting

Create beautiful ambiance by lighting up your pools and water features. Our pool lights can create mesmerizing reflections when night falls over the water and the lights come on. 

Tree Lighting

Highlight the unique silhouettes of the trees on your property with tree lighting. 

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is perfect for entertaining guests well into the night. Create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for your family and friends right in your own backyard. 

Garden Lighting

Emphasize shrubbery and plants with garden lighting.  Add needed lighting to your garden to direct traffic away from your flower beds. 

Moon Lighting

Add drama and whimsy to your property with gorgeous moonlighting. Mimic the wonderful cool light of the moon even in the darkest parts of your property. 

How It Works

Every design begins with your goals. We begin our lighting design process by setting up a complimentary consultation with you. In this consultation, our designers will work with you to determine what your vision is for your property. What do you want to use your outdoor space for? Which areas or features do you want to highlight? Our lighting designers work to create functionality and stunning ambiance while factoring in the unique architecture of your home.

After nailing down your vision for your home, our designers will schedule a time to install your residential lighting design. It’s quick, efficient, and non-invasive. By the time we leave, you’ll barely know we were ever there – sans the beautiful, new lighting system you’ll have as a result. Once everything is installed, we will come back for a nighttime demo where you can see your home lighting design in action. From there, we will make any adjustments and tweaks to your exterior house lights that you would like. We don’t leave until you are 100% satisfied with your design.

We only use low voltage, long-lasting LED fixtures for safety and easy maintenance. All the fixtures are of high quality and made of brass. We want to make sure you have long-lasting fixtures that will hold up against the elements and the natural passage of time.

Our team of expert designers is dedicated to bringing your home to life. Book a free outdoor lighting demonstration to see how outdoor lighting can illuminate your home.

We’re committed to making your outdoor space beautiful, serene, and functional for years to come.


Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your lighting system is safely installed. Depending on the number of lights you would like, our team will choose a quality transformer that will support a system of that size. The installation process begins with wiring the transformer. A skilled professional can then install the transformer on the wall of your home or property. Houston Lightscapes will work to assemble the LED lights and put our custom made fixtures together with industry approved bulbs. Once the lights have been assembled and connected, our team will cover and bury any wires, finishing up the installation process. 

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting 

Illuminate backyards and patios, add elegance to gardens and walkways, or add security and peace of mind by safely lighting home perimeters and driveways with outdoor house lights.

Whether you’re concerned with boosting safety, adding ambiance, or completely revitalizing your home’s appearance at night, our lighting designers are ready to help create a lighting design that’s simple, safe, and stunning.

Lighting safety for home


Lighting the entrances and walkways of your home with exterior house lights is not only beautiful, but it also increases your safety and keeps key areas visible when you’re outside at night.

Outdoor lighting can increase home value


Professionally designed, installed and maintained outdoor landscape lighting will significantly increase the value of your home

Outdoor lighting security


Strategically placed outdoor house lights in dark corners of your yard provides the illumination necessary to deter criminals.

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Curb appeal

Ambient landscape lights will create a warm outdoor look that sets your house apart. Plus, they’ll bring out the best in your home by highlighting the qualities that make it unique, like architectural details, trees and water features.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Home to Life?

Outdoor lighting can add value to your home or property by enhancing safety and curb appeal.  If you’re ready to bring your home to life with a custom outdoor lighting design, contact us today to get started.  Our team of passionate lighting designers will work with you to make your vision a reality and transform your property with simple and stunning landscape lighting.  Book your consultation today.