If you are like most home or business owners, you probably don’t have time to worry about outdoor lighting maintenance. After all, there are plenty of other things that need your attention, especially enjoying the beauty of your property. However, it is essential to make sure that your outdoor lighting is properly maintained if you want to ensure that your property looks its best. Here are three tips that will help you maintain your outdoor lighting. 

Make an Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Schedule

Outdoor lighting is integral to property security, but it also requires regular maintenance. To make the process easier, creating a schedule for routine tasks like changing light bulbs and checking for broken fixtures is helpful. Depending on the number of lights in your outdoor area, you may need to perform these tasks weekly or monthly. Scheduling your maintenance tasks will help to ensure that your lights remain in good working condition and continue to provide the desired level of illumination. 

Do a Thorough Inspection of Your Lighting System

Electrical fires are a leading cause of home fires, and your outdoor lights might be a fire hazard if not properly maintained. To reduce the risk of fire, it is crucial to inspect your outdoor lights on a regular basis. Look for any signs of damage, such as cracked glass or exposed wires. Also, make sure that the bulbs are not loose and that the fixtures are not overloaded. 

You will want to ensure that the light bulb is the correct size and type for the fixture. If you have motion-sensor lights, test them periodically to ensure they work properly. It’s also a good idea to trim back any trees or shrubs that are blocking the light from reaching the sensor. 

Clean and Replace Lightbulbs as Needed

Dirt, debris, and dead bugs can build up on your outdoor light lenses, causing your lights not to shine as bright. Remove the lens and wash it with warm, soapy water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting the lens back on.

While you have the lens removed, this is also the perfect opportunity to replace any burnt-out bulbs.

Leave Your Outdoor Lighting Maintenance to the Professionals

We know you are busy and probably don’t have time to regularly check all your outdoor lighting. If you live in the greater Houston area, contact Houston Lightscapes. Our family-owned business has over 30 years of installing and maintaining outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties.

We have a comprehensive LED maintenance program to ensure optimal performance of your outdoor lighting. Our professionals will inspect your system, replace any burnt-out bulbs, clean your lenses, reposition your lights, bury exposed wires, check the voltage, and replace old halogen lights with more energy-efficient LED lighting.

Contact us for a free consultation by filling out our online form or calling (713) 461-3600. We will keep your lighting in top condition to ensure that your outdoor area remains well-lit and safe all year long.

The team at Houston Lightscapes takes pride in their many years of experience in the landscape lighting industry. They've been serving the greater Houston area for over 30 years bringing innovation and elegance to their designs. Learn more about Houston Lightscapes here.