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Find Out How Our Custom Landscape Lighting Can Illuminate Your Home

Is Believing!

The power of outdoor lighting can’t be underestimated.  From enhancing security and safety to adding ambiance and curb appeal with illuminating designs, a custom outdoor lighting installation can be truly transformative.  Nothing does outdoor lighting justice like seeing it in action.

That is why we offer complimentary nighttime demonstrations so you can see how your custom design will bring your home to life before you make a decision.  Schedule an evening demonstration today to see how unbelievable your home can look at night before you make any sort of decision.

Seeing Is Believing!

Nothing does outdoor lighting justice like seeing in action. That’s why we offer complimentary night time demonstrations so you can see how your custom design will bring your home to life.  Schedule an evening demonstration to see how unbelievable your home can look at night before you make any sort of decision.

How Our Demonstration Works

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Our team of contractors and designers will come to your home and set up your lighting fixtures to provide the full experience. We use 100% LED interchangeable lighting fixtures made out of quality brass. This increases the lifespan of your lighting system and allows us to service fixtures over time. 

Our lighting team will walk your property with you to identify key areas that would benefit from LED outdoor lighting, as well as to discuss various lighting options and specific design ideas based on the vision you have for your property.

This is a key step in our nighttime demonstration process. Each LED lighting installation is custom designed in order to compliment the unique architecture and needs of your space. Your property is unique, and your lighting design should be too.


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As the sun is going down, you will be invited to relax inside your home while the team sets up a temporary lighting array, using the design features and lighting options that you discussed.

When our team of expert lighting designers are finished setting up your display, you can come out to view their work and see exactly what your outdoor lighting is going to look like in action.

Seeing your outdoor lighting display as a part of the nighttime demo provides you with the perfect opportunity to see just how the lighting system will perform on your property.  Then, you will have the opportunity to discuss any adjustments and changes that you would like to make.

 Your satisfaction is our priority, so our team will work with you to implement your desired changes.


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We’ll Discuss Your Customized Outdoor Lighting Plan and Establish An Action Plan for Finalizing Installation. 

After you’ve viewed and approved your lighting installation, we will write up a proposal detailing all the aspects of your customized outdoor lighting plan from design aspects to installation details.

Our nighttime demonstration process takes around 60 minutes on average and is completely complimentary. We know that seeing is believing, and we are confident that once you see how outdoor lighting can help bring your home to life, you will never want to go back.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We had a wonderful experience with Houston Lightscapes. Not only did they make the front of our home beautiful, we now can play on our backyard basketball court at night. I know I’m biased, but I think my home looks the best in the neighborhood!”

Jen T.

“I was so pleased with the final product from Houston Lightscapes! The owner, Michael, made the normally-tedious process of choosing and purchasing outdoor lighting so easy and painless! Unlike the other outdoor lighting companies I contacted, Houston Lightscapes actually came to my house and performed a lighting demonstration for me (and most importantly my wife, lol) specifically based on the contours of my house so that we could actually see what would resemble the final product. I am so happy with this purchase, and our neighbors have already complimented us on how good our house looks now that our lighting is installed. I fully recommend Houston Lightscapes for anyone in the market for making your house and back yard look beautiful (and safe for that matter)! Wonderful employees, owner, and company!”

Adam R.

“I wasn’t sure if we needed landscape lighting but we wanted to upgrade the house in some way this year. We heard about Mike from some friends of ours that had had some really nice lighting installed by him a few years ago. We called and asked for him specifically to come by to give us an estimate. Mike came by in the evening and put out some lights to show us some lighting for the front and it looked great! We were pleased and ready to move forward. However, Mike mentioned lighting in the back yard is much more enjoyable for homeowners.

This was what was amazing. We have a large back yard that is dark at night which we like because it makes it seem more private. Seeing the trees lit up in the back added such dimension I can’t believe we hadn’t thought about it before. We ended up getting both the front and the back lighting and couldn’t be happier. When we have dinner guests they always comment on how good the view out the back windows looks at night! Thanks Mike.”

Jacob B.

see what’s possible with outdoor lighting

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see what’s possible with outdoor lighting

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