Using outdoor lighting is an excellent way to improve the safety of your home but is also crucial to creating a relaxing atmosphere. There is more to outdoor lighting than installing a few landscape lights on your property.

A professional lighting design incorporates numerous light styles that work together to create the perfect outdoor oasis. As one of the most important features, a property’s trees and shrubs need to be well-lit to create the perfect design.

If you want to create a personal oasis in your backyard, keep reading further to learn a few lighting techniques.

Incorporating Uplighting For Trees and Shrubs

The most common lighting technique used for illuminating trees and shrubs is uplighting. A landscape lighting designer will place a spotlight fixture at the base of the feature, pointing it upwards to create a beautiful effect.

By uplighting trees and shrubs, the light will highlight the landscape feature’s leaves, branches, and trunks. Uplighting will emphasize the details of each tree or shrub, creating a focal point of your backyard.

There are two methods of uplighting that will be used based on the effect you want to create. If you want to emphasize the height of a tree and its impact, you can add a single narrow spotlight that illuminates the trunk.

You can use multiple spotlights for lighting that focuses on the textures and color of a tree or shrub. The best design will incorporate both methods, creating a unique backyard space that highlights your outdoor features.

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere with Moonlighting

Creating a backyard oasis is all about using techniques that provide a sense of calm for those in it. Moonlighting is a useful technique that shines light down on your shrubs from above to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The moonlights are typically placed on trees, as these are tall enough to create the effect of moonlight shining below. If you have a backyard patio or deck, the moonlighting can ensure the area is properly illuminated.

However, to achieve the best effect for your backyard, you should incorporate uplighting and moonlighting. Using these lighting methods correctly creates a seamless lighting design covering all angles and important areas.

Focus on Soft Lighting

When illuminating trees and shrubs, you should always use lighting that is not overpowering. If you use a light fixture that is too bright, it can wash out all of the interesting details of your landscape features.

The ideal wattage for your outdoor landscape lighting is 40-watts and below. This wattage will provide adequate light but not impact the ambiance of your backyard oasis with excessive bright light.

Create Your Very Own Backyard Oasis Today With Outdoor Lighting!

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