When you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space, an upgrade to your outdoor lighting can be a great way to make an impactful change in your yard’s look and functionality. 

But how long does it take? 

Much of it depends on what type of upgrade you’re considering. It may be a small project, such as replacing old halogen bulbs with more energy-efficient LED lights. Or, you may be considering altogether re-doing your outdoor lightscape and adding extra features.

Ways You Can Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Upgrading your outdoor lighting can enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior and add an extra layer of safety and security. Here are some ways you can upgrade your outdoor lighting:

  • Replace old fixtures with modern and energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Use motion sensors and incorporate smart lighting.
  • Add spotlights or uplighting to highlight the architectural features of your home to create a dramatic effect while enhancing its overall appearance.
  • Landscape lighting can highlight the beauty of your pool and garden, creating a warm and inviting outdoor ambiance.

Are Pool Lights a Good Idea?

Adding pool lights to your outdoor lighting is an excellent way to improve the beauty and functionality of your swimming pool area. Here are some benefits of adding pool lights to your swimming pool:

  1. Pool lights can improve safety by providing better visibility in and around the pool area, especially during nighttime. This can help prevent accidents and injuries.
  2. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to create a unique and stylish look for your pool area. 
  3. With pool lights, you can swim and enjoy your pool even after dark. 
  4. It’s easier to see and clean your pool, making maintenance and care more convenient.

What Kind of Lights Should You Put in a Pool?

When choosing the type of lights to put in your pool, there are a few factors to consider, such as brightness, energy efficiency, color options, and cost. Here are some popular types of pool lights to consider:

  • LED lights are energy-efficient and long lasting, making them a popular choice for pool lighting. They come in a variety of colors and can be programmed to change colors for different occasions.
  • Halogen lights provide excellent illumination for your pool. However, they consume more energy than LED lights and have a shorter lifespan.
  • Fiber optic lights are a safe and energy-efficient option for underwater lighting in your pool. They don’t require electricity but instead use light-generating fibers that transmit light through the water.

How Long Does it Take to Install Pool Lighting?

The installation time for pool lights can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of lights being installed and the complexity of the installation. In general, the installation process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

For example, if you’re installing LED lights, the process may involve drilling holes in the pool wall and then mounting the fixtures. This typically takes a few hours, but the exact time depends on the number of lights installed and the holes’ location.

Work With a Qualified Electrician

Adding lights to your swimming pool is a great way to enhance its beauty and increase your enjoyment. Not only does it create a unique ambiance for your outdoor space, but it also keeps your pool looking inviting and illuminated at night. 

It’s crucial to ensure the installation is done correctly and safely to avoid potential electrical hazards. Our qualified electricians at Houston Lightscapes have many years of experience installing pool lights for homeowners throughout the greater Houston area. Contact us for a free consultation by calling (713) 461-3600 and discover how we can turn your pool into a nighttime paradise.

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