Turns out, a surprising number of homeowners think landscape lighting is too extravagant for their modest properties. A perk for the owners of estates, mansions, mini-mansions, and grand residences. That is to say, for people with something to show off.  A little reflection, however,  quickly flips this notion on its head. Landscape lighting is for smaller homes, too.

The 2018 median sale price for a single-family home in the Houston market was $237,500. That is, half (41,000) of the homes sold last year sold for that amount or less.   Many of these are purchased as rental properties. In fact, single-family homes account for about 40% of residential rentals in the Houston area.


It’s true everything’s bigger in Texas, though. Houston-area homes come in each year in first or second place nationally in terms of median lot size. Right at the median price, the typical home is a 1,900 sq. ft., 4-BR/2.5 bath residence on a 3,000 – 8, 000 square foot lot. It’s also true that things are changing. A number of area builders have begun swimming against the recent trend. They’ve joined a nationwide move toward smaller homes, in the 1,100 – 1,400 square foot range.

Whether a home is the owner’s residence or an investment property, professional outdoor and landscape lighting makes sense. This is no less true for the smallest houses.


An artfully crafted outdoor lighting design can create a sense of spaciousness in the most modest setting. Expert selection and placement of fixtures adds depth and texture to the lightscape of house and grounds. A backyard, howsoever small, can become an inviting extension of the home’s living space, in season. In sum, it can add more “home” to a house.

Then, of course, there are the practical matters of safety, security, and property value. There’s no question regarding safety and security. Proper outdoor lighting keeps accidents and crime away. As for property value, it’s true that most home buyers come by day. That said, the picky ones often make a nighttime drive-by before making up their minds. A beautifully illuminated home helps them make that purchase decision. Nighttime photos in online listings are another way outdoor lighting adds value, for sales or for rentals.

No homeowner should imagine his or her property is too small or too modest for professional outdoor lighting installation. This Houston outdoor lighting designer has the experience and know-how to make small houses look expansive, modest houses elegant, and larger homes grand. The cost is all that will be modest. Median home price or below, everyone should live as the other half does.


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