The Woodlands in Texas is a beautiful area one would be lucky to live in. Not only are the schools top notch, but the majority of residents own their home, lending a suburban feel to the area. Houston Lightscapes had the pleasure of working with a homeowner in The Woodlands to install led landscape lighting in their property. For November, we want to feature The Woodlands Houston Home, a large and impressive property in the heart of the city. 

The Woodlands Houston Home

This is an expansive property that extends 5,500 sq. feet. The property sits in a corner lot in the heart of The Woodlands and casts an air of magnificence amidst other homes in the area. While the property is grand, it is not ostentatious in nature and fits timelessly into the surrounding environment – a quality of old school elegance. Upon arriving and meeting with the homeowner, our first step was to identify their vision for the property. 

The Woodlands Houston Home lit up at night with columns over an arched front door and 3 palm trees in front

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

When we arrive at a home, we walk through the property with the homeowner to identify which areas will benefit from led landscape lighting. For The Woodlands Houston Home, we met with the owner to discuss their home and to see the expanse of the property. They discussed the need for security and the desire for added ambiance. Their main concern was showing off the depth of the property. “We have a lot of length around the property that needed to be accentuated with lighting,” they said. Houston Lightscapes founder, Mike Akerman, developed a plan for showing off the full length of the home.

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

The lighting plan made use of accent lighting in various places around the property. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific objects and features. Mike Akerman used accent lighting to wash up onto the house, illuminating certain architectural features and design elements, bringing them out of the shadows.

The plan also made use of flood lights in the design. Flood lights were placed around the property to light up large trees and other greenery. Not only does this add elegance, but it also adds security to the property. 

The front of the Woodlands Houston Home lit up at night with a truck parked in front

Mike made use of path lighting in his design plan as well. As The Woodlands Houston Home is a fairly large property, there are many walkways and areas that need illumination. Adding path lights along walkways, entrances, and driveways added much needed light to the expansive property. All in all, the design took 10 days from initial consultation to completion. The installation itself took only 1 day. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

The elegant and timeless design captures the immaculate nature of the home. Each lighting element adds to the ambiance of the design, and as someone is driving up to the house, they are met with the grand, unique architectural features highlighted by Houston Lightscapes’ design. A lighting design plan should bring forward the best in your property, and that’s exactly what this led landscape lighting design does. 

Set Up A Free Consultation

If you’re lucky enough to own a home or business in The Woodlands Houston area, consider adding LED landscape lighting to your property. Houston Lightscapes works with residential and commercial landowners alike to enhance their properties with elegant, affordable lighting design. Our designers offer free nighttime lighting demonstrations to anyone who is considering outdoor lighting for their home. You merely have to contact us and we’ll set up a time to come install a temporary lighting display on your property based on your vision for the home or business, partnered with our professional suggestions. You can set up your free demonstration today by going here

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