Choosing a lighting system for your home is a big decision. The right lighting can accentuate your home’s features, increase the curb appeal, and enhance safety on your property – but what if it could do more than that? Houston Lightscapes is excited to announce that we’re now offering Haven Lighting, a revolutionary home lighting solution that provides customized lighting displays at your fingertips.

Picture this – lighting as an expression of your family’s personality. Instead of choosing one display for your home, envision a system that allows you to tailor your lighting with the perfect configuration for every occasion.

Getting the gang together for Game Day? Switch on your team’s colors to show your support (or keep the friendly neighborhood rivalry going!). Spending hours putting up lights for each and every holiday? Not with Haven! This system allows you to switch between colors easily, going from a spooky Halloween theme to springtime pastels for Easter to festive favorites for Christmas – all with the tap of a button.

Houston Lightscapes is Now Offering Haven Lighting

Enjoy custom lighting designs at your fingertips with Haven Lighting, now available from Houston Lightscapes.

What is Haven Lighting?

Haven Lighting is a cloud-based lighting system that utilizes low-voltage LED technology, along with an easy-to-use app, to bring you one of the most flexible and customizable lighting solutions on the market today.

Haven offers a variety of customizable solutions, including up-lighting, bistro lights, all-weather LED strips, pathway lighting, hardscape lighting, recessed lights, and wall-mounted options.

With the Haven Lighting system, you aren’t locked into a single lighting scheme for your home. Instead, the app system allows you to effortlessly choose your colors and set timers, all from your smartphone. You can even schedule set-ups in advance using the app’s calendar function, allowing you to plan ahead and never miss a special occasion!

Why Choose Haven Lighting?

  • Variety of colors: with 20 vibrant colors and 8 white temperature options ranging from a warm golden glow to cool bright white, Haven Lighting lets you choose the perfect color for every occasion, making decorating your home a cinch.
  • Plan ahead with calendar scheduling: never miss a special event with the app’s calendar feature, or set a daily schedule so the lights are always on when you get home from work.
  • Easy-to-use from anywhere: with the Haven Lighting system, there won’t be a situation where you get to the airport and are scratching your head, trying to remember whether you turned off the lights before you left. Control your lighting system from anywhere in the world with the app.
  • Amazon Alexa integration: Haven Lighting systems also integrate with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control your home’s lighting with just your voice – no phone required!

Houston Lightscapes has been helping families in Houston, TX bring their lighting visions to life for over 30 years. Our team works with your family to design a lighting plan customized to your needs, illuminating dark areas and highlighting your favorite property features. As a premier Houston, TX landscape lighting company, our family is excited to bring this innovative technology to our customers.

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