If you live in West University Place Texas, you know how lucky you are. The community is unmatched, and the city is beautiful to boot. With a centralized location, amenities and businesses are easily accessible. The neighborhoods are safe and clean, and people are proud to live there. In 2018, West University Place was named America’s best city to live in. The use of luxury led outdoor landscape lighting helps residents’ homes meet the lofty expectations of such a great city. For October, we explored one such home and how landscape lighting made the property stand out. 

The West University Place Texas Hearth

This house sits on a reasonably large plot and draws inspiration from cottage style and country homes. It’s classic and cozy while maintaining a modern air. It is a beautiful property that Houston Lightscapes was excited to work on. The first step in the led outdoor landscape lighting process is mapping out a lighting plan. 

The West University Place Texas Hearth Home has big windows and a door arch that are lit up at dusk

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

When founder Mike Akerman met with the couple who own the hearth, they were down to earth people who had some idea as to what they wanted. They walked through the property with Mike and identified areas they wanted illuminated and shared ideas for lighting design. As Mike spoke with them and examined the property, he began piecing together a lighting design that would benefit the property and its owners, bringing in elements from their own vision for their property. They wanted a stunning lighting design that would look very impressive and elegant at night. Houston Lightscapes has a lot of experience with large properties, and Mike has over 30 years of experience in landscape lighting. He drew up his plan for this West University Place Texas home and presented it to the owners.

Houston Lightscapes offers free night time demos. So, after examining the property and creating a plan, Houston Lightscapes installed a temporary lighting design so the homeowners could see what the plan would look like realistically. When they saw his vision, they loved it. They decided to set a date to have the final installation set up. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

Every lighting design is unique and is meant to highlight the best featured in each property. Mike Akerman used his extensive knowledge to utilize techniques that would best serve the West University Place Texas Hearth. In the front of the property, Mike installed architectural lighting. Architectural lighting specifically highlights architectural features on the outside of the house. The house has four big bay windows, so Mike angled lighting up from beneath them to emphasize the shape and dimension of the window columns. This uplighting also draws attention to the two peaks at either side of the house. They also used architectural lighting to highlight the arch over the front door. He also utilized moonlighting in the front of the property, washing down the walkway into the yard.

For the back of the property, Mike used moonlighting for another soft wash of light over their backyard. He then used landscape lighting such as tree and garden lighting to illuminate trees and plant life in the backyard. The lighting installation took a little over 1 week. 

 What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Mike said one of the most memorable things about this lighting design was how amazing the clients were. Once they realized how beautiful the design was, they were ready to have it installed. Because of their enthusiasm, Houston Lightscapes was able to show off the best of what they can do. This design is special because it’s why Houston Lightscapes does the work they do to begin with. It reignited the passion of led outdoor landscape lighting. To learn more about residential lighting design, go here.

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