Are you considering adding outdoor lighting to your condo? The right lighting can provide many added benefits to your investment. A warmly lit entrance can create an inviting atmosphere for both you and your guests before they even step foot inside your home. Properly lighted stairs and walkways increase safety. Festive lighting on a patio, balcony or green space allows you to enjoy those spaces year-round, even after the sun goes down. 

So what are some of the things you need to consider when it comes to outdoor lighting for your condo? First, think about where you want lighting and why (e.g., for security, to add ambiance, to express your personality, to highlight architectural or landscape features, etc.), and that will help you determine what type of lighting works best in those areas. 

Entryway and Front Door

The entrance to your home should be well-lit for both safety and aesthetics. Surface-mounted lanterns can be a great choice, paired on either side of your front door or on columns. Usually, these versatile light fixtures provide warm, low-intensity light that allows you to safely and easily navigate to your front door while at the same time adding a pleasing glow to the front of your home. Many different styles and designs are available to fit every personality.

Pathways, Walkways, and Steps

Although many condos have shared walkways maintained by an HOA, if your condo has any steps or pathways that are your responsibility, lighting is an important consideration. Path lights or soft uplights are usually best in these areas since they provide enough light to avoid tripping hazards but are not overly bright, which can create hotspots by drawing too much focus to one area. If your path leads through landscaping, path lights will also continue to highlight the beauty of flowers or greenery even at night.

Patios, Balconies, and Back Yards

Many condos have patios, balconies, or small backyards or green spaces. String lights in these areas add a touch of whimsy and fun, creating a relaxing environment for entertaining friends and family in the evening. Waterproof lights with long-lasting LED bulbs will give you the best results here.

Back Doors and Garages

If your condo has a back entrance or a garage, you might consider security lighting. Generally speaking, security lights are brighter white lights than other types of outdoor lighting. Motion-sensing floodlights installed at a high point above your entrance or garage will safely illuminate these areas with a bright light once motion from an animal, unexpected visitor, or would-be criminal is detected.  

No property is too big or too small

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