Are you in the market for a quick way to increase the eye appeal and safety of your home or office? If so, we have two words for you: path lighting. Path lighting is an excellent and practical way to enhance safety as well as curb appeal. Strategically installing lights along your outdoor paths make it easier for people to see where they are going in the dark and adds definition to your outdoor space. There are a variety of options available when it comes to path lighting. We are going to share a few of our favorite tips and tricks with you about this type of outdoor lighting.

Path Lighting Is A Smart Investment

While it is true that outdoor lighting, including path lighting, can do wonders for the eye appeal of your home, it is also a vital part of increasing the safety of your home as well. Adding path lighting can help guests and family members walk through your yard safely. This is especially important if you have small children or elderly people that live with you or come visit, as it will help lessen the chances they will trip and fall. It can also help prevent you from fumbling to find your house key in pitch black. The additional lighting can also help deter burglars and other types of crime. 

Types of Safe Path Lighting

Is your pathway lined with trees or shrubs? Then uplighting might be the way to go! Uplighting involves placing lights (pointing up) at the base of the trees, illuminating the trunks and foliage. This lighting technique creates a dramatic visual effect. This lighting method would also work for trees in containers lining your pathway. Do you want to add a fun and festive feel to your yard? Add string lights along one or both edges of the walkway. Do you have steps or a decked walkway? Inset lighting might be proper for you then. Do you prefer the lights to be on top of a post? Then we have a solution for you! Here at Houston Lightscapes, we offer a variety of different types and styles of path lighting. Most systems are controlled by a timer or photocell, but some also have the option for remote or motion control. We have a team of expert lighting designers who are ready to bring your vision for your outdoor lightscape to life, all while meeting your budget requirements. Even if you have no idea which type of lighting you are interested in, our team will sit down with you and explain all of the options available to you and help you decide what is best for your home. 

Who We Are

Houston Lightscapes has been transforming residential and commercial buildings for over 30 years. We proudly serve the Houston area and excel in all aspects of designing, installing, and servicing outdoor lighting. We use the highest quality materials that are durable as well as affordable. We are passionate about what we do, and cannot wait to serve you. Give us a call at 713-461-3600 today to schedule a free consultation for your residential or commercial outdoor lighting needs!

The team at Houston Lightscapes takes pride in their many years of experience in the landscape lighting industry. They've been serving the greater Houston area for over 30 years bringing innovation and elegance to their designs. Learn more about Houston Lightscapes here.