Springtime will spring before you know it. It’s the golden season for outdoor living, before the formidable Houston summer heat. Time to survey the patio, ready the grill, and get ready for those laid-back evenings with family and friends. Early springtime is also peak season for outdoor lighting inspection and maintenance calls. It’s the right time.


The springtime inspection and maintenance should re-evaluate the property’s landscape lighting throughout.  After all, trees and shrubs change over time. Our winter storm winds sometimes alter landscapes abruptly. We landscape lighting professionals can spot opportunities to enhance the nightscape by moving, adding, or swapping fixtures. Root growth may have intruded on wiring, necessitating repair and/or re-routing. Working our maintenance calls we often discover that critters have made winter homes for themselves inside fixtures. They need to be evicted. We replace dead bulbs, check voltages, clean lenses, and reset timers. Voila! Your home and grounds are ready for a worry-free season of outdoor life.


Since all that’s in the cards, why not refresh your layout with something new? What is spring, after all, if not continuity wrapped in renewal?

Our area’s early spring wildflower bloom seems to make garden aficionados of us all. Planters are a popular feature in our well-groomed backyards. Thanks to LED technology, there’s now a stunning variety of internally-lit planters available. Voila! –hardscape and landscape illumination effects in one fixture. A professional eye can select and place these in the sizes, shapes and colors that transform an outdoor space.

We can expand on the theme of internal illumination with glowing outdoor furniture, too. Orbs and spheres round out this trending hardware option. The key to incorporating internally illuminated appointments in outdoor lighting is restraint. That is, a little light goes a long way. Less is more, as the mantra reminds us. After all, your yard after dark should be a sea of tranquillity, not a carnival arcade.

If you plan on having some new landscaping done, let us know. Get us into the loop. For one thing, we can provide the inputs that’ll protect your outdoor wiring from damage during the work. In addition, we can work with you and with the landscaper to plan out the lighting design that’ll best compliment the new vista. Lighting is all we do. We’re specialists.  With all due modesty, we’re far better at it than generalist contractors. As the outdoor living season approaches, we’ll make sure your property’s ready to delight you and your guests when the sun goes down.

The team at Houston Lightscapes takes pride in their many years of experience in the landscape lighting industry. They've been serving the greater Houston area for over 30 years bringing innovation and elegance to their designs. Learn more about Houston Lightscapes here.