Summer is the best time of year for spending time outdoors, especially at night. Hosting dinner in your outdoor space can be nice, but when it comes to lighting, it can be difficult to find a balance between too dark and too bright. A great way to make the most of your space, while also striking a balance in your lighting needs, is outdoor tree lighting. Here are some ways to light your trees to enhance and maximize the beauty of your outdoor area at night.

Lighting Trees From the Base

One option for lighting your tree is from the base up. This option involves placing several up-lights,or spotlights that are positioned upward, at the foot of your trees. This option has a little more of a dramatic flair owing to the contrast between the shining light and the shadows it creates from the branches. Up-lighting your tree may sound difficult, but it’s actually very easy to do! It is ideal for any size or type of tree you may have in your outdoor space. While uplights can work for any type of tree, if your tree is very tall or has a lot of foliage, it may be helpful to mount your light on a pole. Uplights that put out 1200 lumens each are ideal for most trees, but something closer to 5000 lumens is ideal for a tree with dense foliage. Many uplights come with 360 degree rotation, which you can then lock into place, providing the most versatile form of lighting. Uplights can be a great sophisticated option if the trees you’re looking to light are a few trees in your area.

Tree Lighting From the Branches

Another area of focus when lighting your trees is lighting the branches. If you’d like to strike a whimsical mood instead of something more dramatic, string or fairy lights could be the option for you. Winding string lights around branches and through foliage can create a wonderfully subtle glow. This is perfect for trees that are closer to your outdoor hosting area because they provide such a soft glow. Another lighting option for branches is lanterns. These are great for striking a soft, rustic mood instead of a dramatic or whimsical one. Outdoor lanterns are also a very versatile option if you would like more control over how much lighting is in your backyard. Simply add or remove lanterns in order to create your garden’s perfect glow. Many string lights, fairy lights, and lanterns are also battery operated, making them an easy set-up option.

Ready to Enhance Your Property With Outdoor Tree Lighting?

Lighting your trees can add a beautiful statement to your garden. However, with the variety of options and amounts of setup involved, it can be difficult to take the plunge. We at Houston Lightscapes are here to help you plan the outdoor lighting of your dreams. With our years of experience in all forms of lighting, we know we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. To book a free consultation and start your tree lighting journey, reach out to us at (713) 461-3600.

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