Have you ever struggled to get your key in your front door or tripped on a rock in your driveway at night? You might not give much thought to outdoor lighting until you need it, but the right lighting for your home has many benefits. Well-lit landscaping can dramatically increase curb appeal, showing off your home in the best light. Outdoor lighting can also bring new life to an older home. Perhaps most importantly, lights beside steps, along pathways, near windows and doors, and in the pool area are an absolute must to keep your family and friends safe and secure.

Why pool lighting is important 

During the summer months, you want to take advantage of your pool as much as possible. Having the proper lighting, both poolside and in the pool itself, will help ensure everyone can enjoy cooling off in the pool well into the evening. Pool lighting provides the following benefits:

  1. Increased visibility – if you have pets or children or entertain a lot, making sure that everyone can safely navigate around the pool area will greatly reduce the potential for trips, falls, or other accidents. Make sure to light pathways and steps leading to the pool as well. 
  2. Safe night swimming – getting in and out of the pool in the dark is never a good idea. Lighting in the pool itself helps everyone know where the ladders or other pool entrances and exits are. Well-lit water also minimizes collisions because everyone can see each other.
  3. Enhanced ambiance – there’s almost nothing more magical than sparkling water at night. Many homeowners choose moonlighting or colored lights in the pool to create a fun atmosphere. 

Maintaining your outdoor lighting

Once in place, regular maintenance of your outdoor lighting will reduce the need for repairs and will keep your home looking its best. The following are some basic guidelines to help in your outdoor lighting maintenance, including in the pool area:

  1. Check each light – make note of any lights that don’t work so that you know how many bulbs need to be replaced. 
  2. Replace burned out bulbs – depending on the light fixture, you might need to replace the whole thing if the bulb cannot be removed.
  3. Clean the light fixtures – dirt, debris, algae, etc. should all be removed.
  4. Check fixtures and wires for damage – bad weather, animals, and time can all take a toll on your fixtures and wires. A professional lighting expert can help with repairing or replacing damaged or exposed wires. 
  5. Upgrade to LED lights – If you have older, halogen lights, consider upgrading to LED lights. They are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and longer-lasting. 

We can help you safely maintain your outdoor lighting system!

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your outdoor lighting system stays safe and efficient for years to come, but it can be overwhelming to do it all yourself. At Houston Lightscapes, we’re proud to offer a maintenance plan to all of our customers even if we didn’t install the original system. Our visits include cleaning all lenses, checking each individual light for proper voltage, changing bulbs, adjusting the position of light fixtures, addressing exposed or damaged wires, and more. We can even retrofit your halogen system to a more efficient LED system. We take care of pool lighting too! Call us today at (713) 461-3600 for a free consultation or to set up a maintenance visit. 

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