It’s almost fall! Time for football games, s’mores around the firepit, and trick-or-treaters. If you’re thinking about changing up your outdoor lighting around the end of October to add some spooky ambiance, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few tips to keep in mind along with some ideas to inspire you.

Think About Your Color Scheme

The first colors that come to mind in October are purple, green, orange, black, and red. What kind of mood are you wanting to set? Orange and red evoke a fiery, spine-tingling feel while blue, green, and purple tend to be more ghostly and otherworldly. 

Focusing on the more eerie colors of blues and purples in the center, such as on bushes and trees, and using reds and oranges as accent colors around the edges of your property along your driveway, fence, and walkways, for instance, will usually set the right tone. Too much red and orange by themselves might be jarring to the eye, but when you contrast them with other colors, it gives a more balanced feel.

Replace White Bulbs With Colored Ones

One easy way to switch things up is to get some colored light bulbs for your outdoor light fixtures. For instance, a red bulb to light up your doorway will certainly bump up the scary factor. If you have uplighting or floodlights in your yard to highlight your windows, trees, a fountain, a statue, etc. switching those out for colored floodlights will also work to transform the outside of your home into a mystical place. 

If you don’t use uplights in your yard, try adding some in your landscaping. Uplights will create interesting shadows that you could use to make your yard seem mysterious.

Moonlighting Can Be Magical

Have you heard about moonlighting? With moonlighting, cool, white lights are placed up in trees or other tall places on your property to shine down and mimic the natural light of the moon with a silvery glow. Adding moonlighting in your trees could easily lend itself to creating the feel of a haunted forest. If you have a pool, moonlighting on the water could help transform it into an enchanted lake.

Haven Lighting Makes It Easy!

Want to light up your landscaping with purple and orange but don’t want to spend hours stringing lights in your trees and bushes? Consider getting a Haven Lighting system professionally installed.

Haven Lighting combines innovative, cloud-based technology with efficient, low-voltage LED lights. You can easily customize different lighting designs for different occasions and switch between them with the touch of a button on your smartphone. With 20 vibrant colors and eight different temperatures of white lights, you will be ready for every holiday, special occasion, or game day. 

Houston Lightscapes Helps Make Your Vision A Reality

Have the ideas above sparked your interest? Give Houston Lightscapes a call at (713) 461-3600 or complete this form to set up a free consultation. We are happy to work with you from design to installation to maintenance! We can also install moonlighting and Haven Lighting for your convenience. 

Once we’ve installed your professional lighting design, we even offer a complimentary night-time lighting demonstration to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Let us help you get ready for the spookiest time of the year!

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