Adding personality, creating a great first impression, and increasing security can all be achieved with outdoor lighting. Installing outdoor lighting to a large house may seem overwhelming because there is so much space to work with. With the right tricks and tips, though, it can be easy to unleash your house’s full potential. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about outdoor lighting for a large house.

Lighting Priorities When Adding Outdoor Lighting to a Large House

Outdoor lighting options for large houses are very versatile. Because there is so much you can do with outdoor lights, it is important to understand your lighting priorities. One priority could be safety. This is important if the area near your home is tricky to navigate, whether that’s due to uneven pathways or steps that disappear in the dark. Another priority could be property value. First impressions mean a lot in the house hunting world and outdoor lights go a long way in creating a lasting one! On the other hand, if you are more interested in a well-lit yard than an aesthetically pleasing one, your priority might be security.

Know Your Home

Knowing which features of your home you particularly admire is a great starting point for knowing how to light it. For dramatic lighting, it can be fun to make use of different wattage types to create glows and shadows across different areas of your house. This is particularly useful for highlighting focal points of your home, such as an ornate front door or decorative windows. Knowing which areas of your home you want to draw attention to is imperative in creating good outdoor lighting.

Less is More When Adding Outdoor Lighting to a Large House

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s important to remember that the people it most affects are those outside of your home. Making sure that your lights are not too bright or too many can go a long way in maintaining friendly neighbors. It is also important to be certain that your lights are not pointed at or near any windows or doors. This is true for both your own home and those of your neighbors. Lighting that is too close to your own windows and doors can provide a lot of glare, making it difficult to see outside. Keeping your lighting practical is just as important a consideration as maintaining the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

The versatility of outdoor lighting makes it a great avenue to showcase your personality and the notable aspects of your home. Because outdoor lighting has the ability to create such a strong impression, though, it can be nerve-wracking to decide on what to do. With our years of experience in both indoor and outdoor lighting, we at Houston Lightscapes would be happy to assist you. Planning out your outdoor lights can be a lot to think about, but with our guided process, it’s never been easier. Call us at (713) 461-3600 for a free consultation today.

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