When shopping for outdoor lighting, you may notice the various lighting temperature options at the store. Some lights have a bright white color, while others have a more yellowish appearance for outdoor lighting applications.

With so many lighting options, you may be wondering which type is best for your home and its outdoor features. Fortunately, some key factors will help you pick the best light color for your preferences.

This article will cover the Kelvin color temperature scale, what emotions the different light temperatures create, and how installing Haven Lighting options will improve convenience.

What’s The Kelvin Color Temperature Scale?

The unit of measurement that determines the color temperature of light is called Kelvin (K). This scale ranges from 1,000 to 10,000, but most residential outdoor lighting falls in the 2,500k to 4,000k range.

As the number increases on the Kelvin scale, the whiter the light will appear. The light will have a candlelight appearance at the lowest Kelvin temperature level that offers little illumination for your property’s landscape.

If you install lighting that is 6,000k or more, the lighting will start to take on an intense blueish hue. These higher Kelvin color temperature lights typically are used in office buildings and are harsher on the eyes.

When To Use Warm Light vs Cool Light

The most important thing to consider when choosing a light temperature is what emotions you want to evoke on your property. These two lighting options have different uses, so it’s essential to learn which is best for your property.

Warm Light

Warm light temperature is best used when you want to add ambiance to a feature on your property. The less intense lighting will create a welcoming atmosphere to relax in your outdoor living space.

Some of the best locations to add warm lighting are:

  • Porches & Gathering Spots
  • Outdoor Gardens
  • Architectural Elements (statues, fountains, decorative rocks, etc.)

Cool Light

In outdoor lighting applications, installing cool lighting is more for utility and safety. The white lighting will provide little ambiance but showcase critical features of your property at night.

Many people use cool lighting to illuminate their plants and install moonlighting to cast a glow on their property. Along with highlighting features, cool lighting is crucial in security lighting applications.

Haven Lighting LED Smart Lights

One of the most convenient options for outdoor lighting is a smart lighting system, such as Haven Lighting. Whether you want warm or cool lighting, you can change the color of the lights using a smartphone.

If your preferences change for your outdoor lighting style, you won’t have to worry about replacing the light bulbs. All you need to do is open the Haven Lighting app and adjust the color accordingly. We are proud to offer Haven Lighting to our customers, and you can get more information on this service here.

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