Things are a little uncertain right now due to COVID-19. With summer approaching, it can be a little upsetting to think about not getting to do all the fun activities you normally would. As the days grow longer and warmer, you’ll want to spend more time outside comfortably. You might be spending more time at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warm summer air. Now is the perfect time to grill out on your patio and spend time with the family. Installing backyard lights is the perfect way to create a fun atmosphere perfect for entertaining. How can backyard lighting help your home?

The Perfect Environment for Relaxing

Things are very stressful right now and most likely, you and your family are craving some relaxation. Backyard lighting can create a calm, secure atmosphere that you and your children can enjoy. A quality outdoor lighting design can add safety and ambiance to any space. A professional lighting designer, such as Houston Lightscapes, can work with you to identify which areas in your backyard are most frequently trafficked and therefore in need of lighting. Enlightening high traffic areas ensures the safety of your family and any future guests you may have. Backyard lights can illuminate shrubbery, plants, and rocks or any other obstructions that could cause an accident. They can also highlight pathways to direct guests where to go. Outdoor lighting has even been proven to decrease the likelihood of intruders, which means you or your family can enjoy the safety of your space carefree.

Outdoor lighting design can be very soothing as well. Along with added safety to put your mind at ease, the right combination of lights can create an atmosphere you won’t want to leave. Designers utilize techniques such as moonlighting and shadowing and silhouetting to add ambiance to a property. Moonlighting mimics the lighting of a bright full moon in even the darkest parts of your yard. Shadowing and silhouetting plays with the shapes of trees, plants, and other features in your yard to add intrigue to your outdoor space. These are just a few methods professionals use to create a calming, refreshing environment for you and your loved ones. Backyard lights brighten up a backyard's patio and pool

Summer Fun

Summer is known for all the fun activities one can do outdoors. Being stuck at home this summer doesn’t mean you can’t still partake in some of these beloved activities. Backyard barbeques are staples of warmer weather. Set up your grill and get ready to have the most fun ever with the help of backyard lighting. You can grill a feast for your loved ones and sit on the deck enjoying the evening and a good meal. You could continue the night with an outdoor game marathon. Having backyard lights can open up your outdoor space for you to set up summer staples like cornhole or volleyball. A little competitive spirit on a warm summer night is the perfect way to spend an evening (especially with children who are stir crazy from being inside all day). 

Houston Lightscapes can add lighting anywhere you need it. Light up your patio or deck with patio lighting for a fun space to eat or play cards. Light up your garden to enjoy the beauty of nature no matter what the hour. For safety, designers can add appealing yet functional lighting to back porches and steps, and other high traffic areas. We even offer pool lighting in case you fancy a late-night swim. Don’t let quarantine ruin your summer. Book a free lighting consultation today to find out how outdoor lighting design can energize your property. 

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