One of the best parts of summer is outdoor entertaining. Whether you have a cozy firepit area, a pool, a patio, or an outdoor kitchen, the right backyard lighting can help you and your family and friends enjoy the outdoors well into the evening. 

Lighting can serve dual purposes of enhancing safety and creating ambiance, especially when you think strategically about where to place your lights and what type of lights to use. For instance, you should always have some sort of lighting along pathways, near steps, and in the pool area to make sure everyone can navigate safely in the dark. But by switching up the type of lighting you choose, you can set different moods whether it be warm and romantic, colorful and fun, or a relaxing backyard oasis feel. 

Use string lights for a romantic flair

One of the most classic types of lighting for the backyard is string lights. Strung up above seating areas from a pergola, in the trees, or on metal poles you can install yourself, string lights can make you feel like you’re dining in an outdoor cafe. With the warm lighting from string lights above you and your guests, you don’t have to worry about tripping hazards or wires running underfoot. Choosing white lights will keep things classical and romantic, but you can also liven things up with colored string lights to celebrate special holidays or occasions.

Moonlighting makes things magical

Another popular choice for many homeowners is moonlighting. Made to mimic the natural light of the moon, you can have lights installed up in your trees or other high locations on your home or property to shine down with a soft, silvery glow. This type of lighting provides enough light to move around safely but won’t be overwhelming to guests or neighbors. Moonlighting on the pool can be especially magical, making for a beautiful night swim.

Whimsical light fixtures keep it fun

If you’re looking for something a little different, consider alternative light fixtures to bring some whimsy and drama to your get together. Party store paper lanterns with battery-operated tea lights, stringed fairy lights in wine bottles or mason jars, or decorative lanterns with candles can all be hung above seating or dining areas or placed on tables or strategically around the yard or pool area to add color and fun. 

One easy project that can add flair to any evening gathering is DIY paper bag luminaries. Start with a plain paper bag (they come in a variety of colors at the dollar store). Trace a pattern or shape on the front and cut it out. Put sand or rocks in the bottom of the bag to keep it from tipping over or blowing away. Add flameless tealights. You could make several and line a pathway with them, set them on tables or along the edge of a deck for an eye-catching display. 

Not sure where to start? We can help!

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