Adding outdoor lighting to the trees outside of your home or business is an excellent way to add eye appeal to your property. With so many tree lighting options available, the possibilities are endless! Our experts are here to break down the most common tree lighting methods to help you choose what’s right for you. Here are three of our favorite tips for lighting your trees:

You Can Use a Combination of Tree Lighting Techniques

Deciding what type of tree lighting to use can feel overwhelming at first. However, you aren’t limited to using just one kind of lighting on your trees. For example, you can use uplighting and moonlighting together. Uplighting is where a light is placed at the base of the tree and casts a beam of light up the trunk of the tree. This creates depth and also makes the tree a focal point . Moonlighting is when a hidden light is placed up in the tree and casts a glow of light down, softly illuminating the area below. Pairing these two lighting methods together gives the area a magical and serene ambiance.

Use String Lights to Decorate Trees Around Entertainment Areas

Patios, pool decks, porches, grills, fireplaces – these are all common areas that people love to gather in. Although the weather might not be warm enough for outdoor gatherings yet, spring and summer are just around the corner! Adding string lights to the trees around these gathering areas is a great way to add some subtle light and create an environment perfect for relaxation and entertainment. In addition to the string lights you can also hang pre-lit lanterns to some of the trees. Your outdoor space is your sanctuary, and adding lighting to the surrounding trees can really enhance the mood of your backyard!

Work With What You Have

Not everyone has a huge backyard, or has a variety of trees at their home. That is completely fine! There are lighting options available for every area. If you have trees or shrubs in large pots, you can add a backlight behind the pots to create a dramatic effect. If you only have one tree, it can be made the focal point by placing a spotlight near the trunk at an angle which will illuminate the entire tree. Even if you do have multiple trees, don’t feel pressured to light every single one of them. Select the ones that you want to add lighting to, and then explore your options until you find the techniques that work best for you and your space.

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The team at Houston Lightscapes takes pride in their many years of experience in the landscape lighting industry. They've been serving the greater Houston area for over 30 years bringing innovation and elegance to their designs. Learn more about Houston Lightscapes here.