As a homeowner, it is vital to prioritize your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a home from the perspective of a passerby of a street. The theory is simple, the more attractive and safe your home appears from the curb, the more your property is worth.

The wonderful part is that although enhancing your curb appeal will increase the market value of your home, it does not necessarily need to be an expensive and involved process. The two biggest factors for increasing a home’s curb appeal are the quality of a home’s paint and the overall landscape design.

Since landscape lighting design is an important aspect of landscaping, one of the easiest methods to increase your home’s curb appeal is to invest in efficient and elegant landscape lighting.

There are endless landscape lighting options to choose from and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of choices. At Houston Lightscapes, we aim to make this process easier for you by sharing our three tips for increasing your home’s curb appeal.

1) Be Bold With Your Landscape Lighting Design

Being bold doesn’t mean installing bright lights, but rather, playing with lighting tricks and techniques in your landscape lighting design.

The curb appeal of a property is increased with landscape lighting that highlights the ivy growing on the side of the house

For example, though symmetrical lighting designs are typically encouraged, successfully incorporating intentionally asymmetrical lighting can have a brilliant effect on your home’s outdoor ambiance.

Another tip that designers love to use is cross lighting a significant outdoor feature with two or more lights. This trick is particularly hard to design for and is often best left to professional designers.

2) Highlight Garden Features

One of the best aspects of landscape lighting design is that your favorite garden features will not be hidden by the dark. Instead, you can highlight your favorite trees, shrubs, or fountains.

One technique that landscape lighting designers love is integrating moonlights, which are downward-facing lights placed in trees that have the appearance of moonlight cascading through the leaves.

Another method is creating silhouette lighting with trees or other large landscape features by placing upward facing lights below the large objects. This creates a dramatic shadow that effortlessly adds to a home’s curb appeal.

3) Take Advantage of Technology

With the variety of landscape lights for your home, it is easy to find an affordable and efficient lighting solution. In order to increase your home’s curb appeal, you should only install energy-efficient lighting solutions such as LED lights.

A home with landscape lighting has curb appeal from the street view

LED lights last longer than typical florescent lights and consume less electricity, resulting in significant cost savings. By using LED lighting, you can easily increase your home’s curb appeal because of the light’s modern look, and the shared knowledge that LED landscape lighting is more energy-efficient.

Houston Lightscapes of Houston, TX aims to give our customers the most aesthetic and affordable lighting, which is why we only offer LED lighting fixtures of the highest quality. Set up a free lighting consultation for your home or business. 


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