When it comes to outdoor lighting, there’s a reason professionals reach for LED bulbs and fixtures. Homeowners and Lighting Designers agree that the benefits of outdoor LED lighting exceed other forms of lighting by far. So, what is all the fuss about? Houston Lightscapes, a professional outdoor lighting company, shares their top 5 reasons for choosing LED lighting for any property. 

Energy efficient outdoor LED lighting bulb against a sky of twinkly lightsEnergy Efficiency
One of the major benefits of LED lights is their energy efficiency. They are a durable, long term solution to your outdoor lighting needs. Some LED bulbs offer up to 50,000 hours of light which can last for more than 11 years. (1) LED lighting can be used almost anywhere and as they continue to grow in popularity, the products continue to diversify. You can find almost any wattage, color temperature, or shape you need thanks to growing interest in the bulbs. LED bulbs are not only easily accessible and long-lasting, but they also cut energy usage by more than 80%, a welcome benefit to homeowners and businesses. (2) The average bulb (Incandescent) wastes a lot of heat compared to LEDs. This causes the usage of energy to skyrocket by comparison. LED lighting emits far less heat and uses the heat more efficiently. 

Cost Efficiency
With more products becoming readily available to the public, along with their improved quality, LED lighting is very cost-efficient. While, to the typical homeowner, they might seem more expensive at first, they actually end up saving you money. Because of the energy efficiency of LED lighting, they can end up saving consumers money on their monthly bill. They also last far longer than the average incandescent light bulb. LED prices have dropped 85% in price in the last 10 years and are a cost-effective option for homeowners and businesses alike. (3)

Incandescent bulbs emit more heat than LED bulbs. In fact, incandescent lights can emit 90% heat energy. Because of this amount of heat, it is possible for incandescent and halogen bulbs to start fires. LED lights are a safer solution to this issue. LED lights emit far less heat and function at lower temperatures than other bulbs. This means that they are safer and far less likely to cause a fire. It would be highly unlikely to start a fire with an LED bulb. This is perfect for outdoor LED lighting, as outdoor lights can be on for extended periods of time, and they are often surrounded by plants and other flammable matter. Frequent outdoor lighting maintenance from a professional company such as Houston Lightscapes can also help prevent overgrowth of plants around lighting fixtures.

An old, dusty halogen lighting fixture on a fence is updated with an outdoor LED lighting fixtureRetrofitting
Many people still have halogen lighting systems. Thanks to the ever-expanding technology of LEDs, it’s easier than ever to retrofit a halogen system with outdoor LED lighting. Retrofitting an older system with efficient LEDs involves updating and changing certain fixtures out. Houston Lightscapes has extensive experience with modernizing old systems and replacing low voltage bulbs with a long-lasting LED display. We offer an outdoor lighting maintenance program in which we come to your home once a year and change out any lights that need to be replaced and take care of your system in any way necessary. This includes retrofitting an old system. Book a maintenance visit today to retrofit your halogen system. 

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