When you own and operate a business, there are so many responsibilities. It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks while other responsibilities take priority.  A lot of businesses install landscape lighting once and then don’t look at it again until things are in complete disarray. The truth is, landscape lighting requires preventative maintenance to keep things operating for the period that your business is open (which we hope is a long time to come). What are some business lighting maintenance tips to keep your lighting system in functioning order?

Houston Lightscapes’ Business Lighting Maintenance Tips

In order to make sure your lighting is running properly, and you are maintaining an exterior that makes a good first impression, you need to perform regular lighting maintenance. Our led light maintenance team has a maintenance program for our commercial clients to help them throughout the year. There are a few tips from our designers that you can use to keep your business’s lighting system in working order.

Business maintenance lighting maintains the outdoor seating area at a restauruant with wooden tables, benches, and string lights

Bulb Maintenance

Have you ever been driving through town and noticed the letters on a business’s sign are out? Instead of reading “BURGER KING,” you’re faced with “URGR IN.” It’s not a good first impression, and if you’re a less-known business than the popular fast-food franchise, potential clients driving by won’t know what service you provide. Most likely, they won’t pay you a second look. 

Lighting in parking lots is typically overlooked by businesses as well. If your lighting in your parking lot goes out and you don’t replace those bulbs, you are putting your clients at risk when they leave your establishment after the sun goes down.

Frequently walking through your property and making notes of any bulbs that are out or are otherwise impaired is an important step of business lighting maintenance. You can work quickly to replace them and avoid any of the above-mentioned scenarios. 

Cleaning Fixtures

Dirt impacts how a fixture runs and operates. If the longevity of your fixtures matters to you (which it should), you need to be regularly wiping down your fixtures. Dirty fixtures also give a bad impression of your business, which no successful business owner wants. 

LED light maintenance doesn’t just involve wiping the physical fixture down. It also means cleaning the foliage and shrubbery around the fixture. Raking leaves and weeds, and other obstructions free from your fixtures can prevent fire hazards and potential damage to the fixtures. 

Replacing Fixtures

In some cases, more than the bulb is broken. If your fixture does break, there are options. Houston Lightscapes uses interchangeable fixtures. This means parts of the fixtures can be replaced rather than having to throw out the whole fixture. Interchangeable fixtures save money over time, and can typically last longer due to their adaptability. Having a landscape lighting expert, such as Houston Lightscapes, can make replacing these fixture parts (or entire fixtures if you don’t have interchangeable fixtures) easy and efficient. 

If you live in the Houston Tx area and want help with your business lighting maintenance, call Houston Lightscapes for a free consultation. You can set yours up here.

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