2020 affected us all in different ways. A common thread was the isolation we all experienced due to the pandemic. We were stuck at home, unable to go out to restaurants, and the movies, or to our favorite museum. Many students were unable to attend school at a physical location. Office workers were forced to go remote. As the pandemic continues into 2021, we can begin to take steps to combat the isolation and stress from Covid-19. One easy way to help our families in the new year is to create an outdoor haven on our properties.

Creating A Relaxing Outdoor Haven

The size of your property does not determine how relaxing your environment can be. No matter what size your backyard or patio, you can create a comforting escape from the everyday stressors of life that will uphold long past Covid-19. To begin, you need to furnish your space with comforting decor. Some lounge chairs in soothing colors or some weather-resistant floor cushions to sit around a fire pit can create a soothing space to spend time outdoors. Wicker tables and other outdoor styles can add functionality to your outdoor haven and can lend to the style of your outdoor decor. Adding art such as sculptures and other outdoor trinkets can personalize your space. Consider adding a mini zen garden or a meditative rock fountain with healing properties. 

A beautiful pool sits under trees, creating an outdoor haven

Adding Ambiance

The easiest way to add ambiance to your outdoor haven is by adding strategic backyard lighting. Bistro lights and other styles of string lights, such as fairy lights, can create a whimsical environment that works for relaxing and entertaining. If you have a larger space, you may have to install decorative poles to hang the lights from. If you have a smaller space, you may be able to drape the lights from the exterior walls of your house or your fence surrounding your property.

If you have a fire pit, adding tiki lights can be a fun way to add personality and functionality to your outdoor haven. You could also add other lights that are installed by sticking them directly in the ground.  This will add warmth behind you as you sit around the fire pit, adding an all-around glow from two light sources. 

A common type of ambient lighting that our outdoor lighting designers recommend is moonlighting. It is subtle, natural, soothing, and illuminating. It is the ideal backyard lighting for those who want a natural environment for meditating or relaxing after a long day’s work. If you’re curious about our residential lighting design, check this out. 

Working With Professionals

The easiest way to install the proper lighting for your outdoor haven is by hiring a landscape lighting designer. Houston Lightscapes, based out of Houston Tx, offers free consultations and free nighttime lighting demos to help you get the best design for your property. If you’re unsure if outdoor lighting is right for you, set up a free consultation to discuss the benefits of lighting and how it can work for your outdoor space. If you’ve decided you definitely want outdoor lighting but don’t know what kind, our designers will install a temporary lighting display in our free demo so you can see first hand what it could look like. Contact us today.

The team at Houston Lightscapes takes pride in their many years of experience in the landscape lighting industry. They've been serving the greater Houston area for over 30 years bringing innovation and elegance to their designs. Learn more about Houston Lightscapes here.