Outdoor lighting is a great way to showcase your garden’s natural beauty. Without outdoor lighting, spaces that are stunning during the day can become invisible at night. While it’s easy to see the need for outdoor lighting, it can be difficult to decide what type of outdoor lighting is best for your yard. Uplighting, or lights that are placed below and shine upward, cast a very different glow than downlighting, lights that are placed above and shine downward. Read on to find out more about downlighting and uplighting choices to determine the best option for you.

When to Uplight

Uplights are great for adding depth or drama to your garden. If your outdoor space features tall trees or columns, placing an uplight at the bottom is a great way to enhance an awe-inspiring height. This also has the added benefit of creating interesting shadows across your yard, which can be very artistic. Uplights are also great at enhancing statues or plants you would like to draw attention to. The glow from uplights can give an ethereal effect, which is perfect for highlighting the beauty of individual plants and statues. Uplights are a creative way to use lighting as a form of art and add beauty to your yard, in addition to enhancing what is already there.

When to Downlight

Downlights are perfect for adding warmth and vibrance to your outdoor space. If your garden features flower beds, water streams, or a variety of plants, downlighting can cast an equal glow over it all. Downlights are also a great lighting option for outdoor seating. When placed over or near tables or chairs, downlights provide a welcoming warmth over the entire area. This ensures that your friends and family can see without feeling overexposed. Downlighting is also a great solution for yards that frequently welcome children or pets. Because downlighting is out of the way and casts a glow from above, there is little opportunity for tripping over the lights or knocking them over.

When to Use Both Downlighting and Uplighting

If your outdoor spaces utilize a combination of tall trees, statues, flower beds, and seating arrangements, then incorporating both uplights and downlights may be the perfect choice for you. Downlights cast a steady glow but only over a certain area. By filling in the gaps with uplights, it is possible to have a beautiful and consistently-lit yard. Combining the two types of lighting also has the added benefit of keeping the pros of both lighting choices without the cons. Downlights can provide a mellow, natural glow while uplights can add drama and artistry.

Every garden is unique and has its own individual points of interest. It can be hard to decide what you would like to enhance and what you would like to fade into the background. We at Houston Lightscapes have years of experience highlighting the natural beauty of outdoor spaces. Call us at (713) 461-3600 today to set up your free consultation.

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