Bellaire Tx is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Texas to live in. It’s a sparse suburban area full of families, most of whom own their home. Families can take part in annual festivals and activities, and are right in the center of great shopping districts full of restaurants and amenities. The grandeur of the homes boasts about the quality of Bellaire’s environment. One of the families in Bellaire Tx hired Houston Lightscapes to install landscape lighting on their stunning property. 

The Bellaire Tx Abode

The Bellaire Tx Abode is a gorgeous manor that sits atop a corner lot in the heart of the neighborhood. It’s a two-story vision with rock detailing and a double door balcony on the top floor. It has a turret in the left upper corner of the home, adding a charming aesthetic to the building. When founder of Houston Lightscapes, Mike Akerman, arrived at the property, he was instantly inspired.

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

The most important step of professional landscape lighting design is getting to know your client. What is their vision and lighting goal for the property? Once you understand this, you can collaborate on a stunning, functional visual design for the property. Mike was introduced to the client via a former client of his whom Houston Lightscapes had recently installed lighting for. When Mike interviewed the owner of the Bellaire Tx Abode, the owner made it clear that he was looking for a design to accentuate his house’s features. He wanted to highlight the underutilized nooks and crannies of the home. He also wanted to add functional aesthetic lighting in the backyard. Once the goal was identified, Mike could begin designing and implementing a new lighting design plan. 

The 3 story Bellaire Tx abode sits lit up at night with a large tree to the right of the walkway

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

Houston Lightscapes made use of various floodlights to bring this Bellaire property to life. Floodlights are used to flood an area with light. They’re commonly used in large-scale areas such as football fields but landscape lighting designers have learned to use them in residential settings over the years. They installed in-ground floodlights around the perimeter of the house. They also installed accent floods to emphasize certain features on the house. In the backyard, Houston Lightscapes installed outdoor house lights for moonlights. Moonlighting fixtures in oak trees cast a full moon effect over the whole backyard. There are also lights mounted in the gutters on the second story, shooting at the turret. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Mike said that big houses require more subtle lighting work. You would think that a larger property would require a grander landscape lighting design. However, usually, they require less fixtures overall to highlight their grandeur. Because of this, larger properties are actually a smaller financial investment which can be a deciding factor if the larger cost is what was holding you back from installing outdoor house lights. 

Set Up A Free Consultation

If you’re interested in the best professional landscape lighting in Bellaire Tx, reach out to Houston Lightscapes for your lighting needs. We offer free consultations and lighting demos to our clients so you can see what you’re getting before you spend a cent. To learn about our work in Bellaire Tx, go here.

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