Every home has unique architectural features that set it apart from the others. Whether it’s stylish columns or a unique archway, you should highlight these features of your home. One of the best ways to highlight your home’s features is using outdoor landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting will let your home’s features get the attention they deserve at night.

As experienced lighting designers, we have learned the best ways to boost curb appeal with landscape lighting. If you are interested in highlighting some of your home’s features, keep reading further. This article will cover the steps to adding accents to your home’s key architectural features.

Choosing the Correct Architectural Features

While creating your lighting layout, you may be wondering, “which architectural features should I showcase?” You can highlight numerous features, but one of the first should be your home’s entryways. Adding landscape lighting will not only enhance the appearance but will also add functional light.

Along with entryways, you can add lighting to your home’s columns to improve their appearance. By utilizing warm-colored lights, you can create a welcoming ambiance for your guests. These two architectural features are a good starting point for your landscape lighting design layout.

Finding architectural features to highlight can be an easy process if you have a unique home. However, if your home has a traditional design, you can improve the look of any feature with properly installed lights. Lighting can enhance even tall exterior walls with no features other than standard windows.

Use Uplighting for Tall Architectural Features

If you want to draw the eyes up a structure, uplighting will give an architectural feature a more prominent appearance. Installing uplighting requires placing a floodlight at the structure’s base, aiming it upwards. Some of the most common architectural features that would benefit from uplighting are:

  • Columns
  • Entryways
  • Patio Structures

When deciding on a light for uplighting purposes, it should be an exterior light with a higher wattage. In landscape lighting, 80w is the recommended maximum for residential properties. If the outdoor light’s wattage exceeds that number, it can wash out the details and impact the appearance of your home’s features.

Utilize Different Color Temperatures

Color is a powerful design tool that should be incorporated into your home’s landscape lighting layout. All of your home’s lights don’t need to be the same color temperature to achieve a beautiful appearance. If you want an architectural feature to catch someone’s eye, you can adjust the color temperature on the unique features.

While different colored lights can improve the appearance of a home, it can also be a disadvantage. Using different colored lights like blue, red, or green can create a novelty effect on your property. The lights should not be a focus, only aiding in showcasing your home’s architectural features.

Highlight Your Home’s Unique Features Today

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