If you have a fountain or water feature on your property, it is likely a big talking point for your outdoor space. Whether it’s a fountain or waterfall, you will drastically enhance the beauty of your property with water features. However, these water features can lose their impact during the evenings.

To get the most out of your home’s landscape, you should add outdoor lighting to your water features. Outdoor lighting can illuminate key features and maintain the water feature’s beauty in the evenings. Before investing in some outdoor lighting fixtures, read further about enhancing your water features with lighting the correct way.

Outdoor Lights Illuminate Water Feature At Night

Add Downlighting to Key Features

If you want to highlight key water features like fountains, you should add downlighting that spotlights the area. Downlighting is achieved by placing a light above the fountain, typically in a tree or sturdy pole. The result of downlighting is a beautiful glow of light on the surface of the water.

When adding downlighting, you should choose a light that is not too bright. Bright lights can reflect off the water’s surface, resulting in a glare that impacts the appearance. Use spotlights with a warm light color temperature that is easy on the eyes. You will maintain the peaceful environment of your outdoor living space.

Be Mindful of Fixture Placement Around Water Features

Proper lighting design involves placing light fixtures in locations that are not noticeable but won’t impact the light coverage. The goal of your light display is for your guests not to notice the mechanics of the lighting display. All wiring, transformers, and light fixtures should be out of view.

A professional lighting designer will help you achieve this goal for your water features. It would be best if you had a mixture of different lighting angles and colors. However, the fixture placement should also be accessible enough for easy maintenance and cleaning. For example, if the fixture is underwater, the light should have enough wire to pull out the water for repair.

Consider Adding Submersible Lights

You can illuminate the water by adding submersible lighting fixtures for larger areas like ponds. These light fixtures are placed under the water’s surface and cast a bright light that improves visibility at night. If you have aquatic life in a water feature, these submersible lights will emphasize them. There are a few types of submersible lights you can add to a water feature.

Some of the most common types of submersible lights are:

  • LED Lights
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Halogen Lights

You should choose high-quality light fixtures designed for underwater applications. Submersible lights are susceptible to corrosion and degrade faster than standard lighting applications. Invest in premium quality lights with durable seals that can withstand being submerged underwater for years.

Hire a Professional Lighting Design Company to Install Outdoor Lighting Around Your Unique Water Features

Hiring a lighting company to enhance your fountains and water features will provide reliable results. You will receive a lighting plan crafted by experts that know how to highlight your home’s beautiful water features correctly. Our team at Houston Lightscapes will make your home’s features the talk of your neighborhood.

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