Everyone loves to feel a sense of community where they live. Something that goes beyond friendly neighbors, but instead, spreads throughout the entire neighborhood. Tanglewood Houston has a history of a strong community mindset. It’s close to the city and is full of beautiful, large properties. There are winding streets and stunning greenery that make it a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a dream location. Houston Lightscapes had the pleasure of installing landscape lighting for one of these grand properties.

The Tanglewood Houston Manor

The Tanglewood Houston Manor is a large brick structure with gleaming windows from end to end. It has a private gated garage and a grand, large door beneath a stone archway. The lot is incredibly large, and is located in a corner lot of the neighborhood. 

The tanglewood houston manor is a large brick two story house with a fenced in garage

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

Unlike some properties that desire a completely new plan, these clients had parts of their current lighting system that they wanted to maintain. When they met with Mike Akerman, owner of Houston Lightscapes, they discussed ways in which they could update the system and possibly make it better. 

Because the house already had older fixtures that the clients still liked, Mike came up with a plan to reuse many of them in the fresh design. By rerunning wires through the fixtures and replacing old bulbs with new LED bulbs, these fixtures would function like brand new. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

For this property, several lighting techniques were used to bring this vision to life. Accent lighting was used to highlight specific features in the property. It especially drew attention to the architecture of this Tanglewood Houston Manor. Moonlighting was utilized to create a more natural lighting effect. Moonlighting is done by placing a lighting fixture in an elevated location, angled downward. Spotlighting produced a similar effect to accent lighting. It was used to wash light up onto the walls of the house to highlight specific features. Mike Akerman also used path lighting to create a smooth guiding experience when walking through the property.  

Many people say that it’s not possible to use lights to shoot completely to the top of the house from the ground. For this property, Houston Lightscapes was able to install lights that travels completely from the bottom to the top of the manor. This allows the light to appear right at eye level, naturally attracting passerby’s view of the property. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Mike Akerman expressed what an amazing opportunity it was to work on this manor. The property is so grand. From the moment you arrive on the lot, you’re in awe of just how big this property is. Then you see a house which is just as extravagant. It really makes an impact. With such a spacious property, it’s the perfect location for installing landscape lighting. The lavish house, lit up, sitting in front of the stunning skyline at dusk is quite the sight to behold. 

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