Landscape lighting design is crucial when it comes to improving the overall aesthetic of your home. As a DIYer, it’s easier to arrange a few accent lights around a smaller property. But when you’re working with a property on a much larger scale, overwhelm can quickly set in, leaving you wondering where to even begin. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re armed with a strategic plan of action and help from a professional.

Take A Walk

Landscape Lighting Design lights up a large property

With paper and a pencil in hand, take a walk around the perimeter of your property and begin exploring. Make a rough sketch of your yard from an aerial view, taking note of favorite trees, statues, water & architectural features to determine central areas you’d like to highlight.

Next, scope out any other interesting spots like driveways, walkways, entertainment areas, etc to include in the design plan. You can hire a professional like Houston Lightscapes to work with you to determine which areas should be highlighted or to set up a personalized design plan for your property. 

Consider Security

Large properties are appealing thanks to their privacy and tranquility. On the other hand, with bigger space also comes the vulnerability that intruders or even wild animals could be lurking in dark, hidden corners. Thankfully, strategically placed landscape lighting design can help ease any of those fears and keep your family safe.

As you’re mapping out your plan with a designer, be sure to take into account any entryway areas that need to be illuminated. Tracing your steps as you go through a typical routine, like coming home during the evening or walking out to another building, can be especially helpful for pinpointing unlit locations. For example, garage doors, porches, and pathways between buildings are all important areas to remember.

Selecting & Installing Your Landscape Lighting Design Fixtures

When it comes to selecting and installing the light fixtures according to your new plan, leave all the guesswork to us. Based on your customized needs, our design experts will work to choose the appropriate fixtures while also considering factors like functionality and the distinct architecture of your house. You’ll be happy to know that Houston Lightscapes uses low voltage, long-lasting LED fixtures that are not only safe, but also easy to maintain.

Landscape Lighting Design Fixture Lit Up

Photo by C Drying

The mere mention of transformers, wire runs, and splices is enough to send many homeowners into a state of confusion. With Houston Lightscapes on your side, there’s no need to worry about digging up a mess in your lawn or wondering if your amateur electric skills will suffice. Our team of professional experts will handle all aspects of the intricate installation process so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Are you still unsure where or how to start? Let Houston Lightscapes do the heavy lifting. We offer professional landscape lighting design in the Houston, TX area. Our design team would love the chance to bring your vision into reality.

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