If you want your landscape to resemble a winter wonderland, then it is important to add and retrofit your existing landscape lighting so that you display elegant winter lights. When getting your house ready for the winter season, it is important to remember to prepare your winter landscape lighting for the cooler months. While it may seem like a trivial task, there are minor adjustments and maintenance fixes that are necessary for keeping your house safely and elegantly lit with majestic winter lights.

Inspect Your Winter Lights for Exposed Wiring

While this is an important maintenance task year-round, it is especially important during the rainy winter months as the sediment moves frequently. All wiring should be six feet underneath the ground in order to ensure maximum safety. It is common for wiring to move and become visible due to the movement of the earth and change in sediment during the seasons. While this process is natural, it is important to maintain a safe environment by adjusting the wiring so that it is properly concealed underground.

Adjust Your Timers

With the shorter winter days, it is important to adjust your timer so that you can enjoy your winter lights soon after sunset. This minor adjustment can help keep intruders away during the long nights.

Make Minor Aesthetic Changes to Your Winter Lights

A 2 story house decorated with winter lights for Christmas, with two trees in the front and 2 cars in the driveway

The change in foliage creates dramatically different landscapes in the winter. While highlighting tree branches during the warmer months may create an elegant environment, it tends to look a little spooky when the branches are bare. Lowering the lights so that they highlight the tree trunk, adding a frosted lens for a warmer hue, or dimming the strength of the light are all minor adjustments for adapting your landscape for the winter season.

Maintain Your Winter Landscape Lighting Throughout the Season

With the abrasive nature of winter weather, it is important to closely monitor your lighting fixtures throughout the season. It is common for debris, ice, and dirt to cloud lighting fixtures and decrease the effectiveness of your lighting system. Frequent cleaning is necessary to ensure efficiency. It is also helpful to assess your landscape after a storm and clear any snow or fallen debris that is covering the lighting fixture as the light will not shine through most blocked obstacles.

Consider a Maintenance Plan

Many people find maintaining their landscape lighting a time-consuming process that is better suited for professionals. Houston Lightscapes of Houston, TX offers its clients a Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program, which is included in the first three years of installation. Most clients continue to use the maintenance program after their three years in order to ensure that their investment in their landscape lighting is protected and their landscape lighting system is energy-efficient.
If you have any questions about how to best prepare your landscape lighting for the winter or our maintenance program, please Contact Us today for a free consultation or a free nighttime lighting demo.

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