As 2022 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on trends that took place over this past year. Here at Houston Lightscapes, we are thrilled to share the landscape lighting trends we saw taking place. As more people than ever before have been craving ways to add more individuality into their home, the popularity of landscape lighting has also increased.

Landscape Lighting Trends in 2022

Landscape lighting improves the look and ambience of outdoor spaces such as patios, pools, gardens, and yards. It turns an outdoor area into an eye-appealing yet functional space that can be used to entertain friends, enjoy the weather, dine, relax, or play. The extra well-lit areas can extend your home’s living space, and people have been thrilled to include outdoor lighting as part of their home remodeling plans. Let’s jump in and discuss a few landscape lighting trends we observed in 2022.

Downlighting and uplighting your landscape.

Both of these techniques are perfect for making your outdoor area more inviting while accenting key features. Downlighting casts a glow from above. Downlighting is often utilized from trees, poles, columns, or statues. Because of this, it can also help preserve the dimness of the sky and reduce light pollution. This lighting placement really illuminates an area with a soft ambience while also increasing visibility and safety. On the other side of the same coin is uplighting. Uplighting is very similar, except the light is placed at the base of a structure and pointed up. This creates a breathtakingly dramatic effect. Downlighting and uplighting can also be used in conjunction with one another.

String lights.

Pre-strung lights are a great and easy way to really light up an area while also giving it a cozy, elegant vibe. String lights are available in a variety of color tones, and you can purchase electric, battery powered, or solar powered lights. You can find them in modern and retro styles. The best news is, they are quick to install. String lights add the perfect flair to patios, pool decks, and trees.

Pool lighting.

Adding lighting to your pool – or any other water feature – is an excellent way to highlight one of the best outdoor features. Two ways to install pool lights are flush-mounted underwater lights and surface-mounted underwater lights. Pool lights add vibrance to this area of your home, as well as making it much safer.

Wash lighting.

Wash lighting is a phenomenal way to light up a large area without being harsh. Whether you want to accentuate the walls of your home, a pathway through your yard, or your landscaping, wash lighting will showcase the area. This lighting technique is perfect for making areas appear larger than they really are.

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