Hosting an outdoor gathering is one of the best parts of being a homeowner. You can invite all of your family and friends, making for an enjoyable experience. However, you can elevate your standard outdoor gatherings with a high-quality outdoor lighting design.

There are various lighting styles you can use for outdoor gatherings, each helping to create a welcoming atmosphere. As professional outdoor lighting designers, we know the ideal ways to illuminate your property for outdoor gatherings. If you want to impress guests at your next gathering, keep reading further to learn how.

3 Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Next Gathering


1. Install Stringed Lights

One of the best lighting styles you can add to your outdoor space is stringed lighting. These lights are an excellent way to illuminate an outdoor living space, enhancing the features with dispersed light.

There are a few ways to hang stringed lights around your outdoor spaces. The best option is to install a freestanding cable system along the outside of the space that allows you to hang the stringed lights.

If you have tall trees or other tall outdoor features, you can string the lights around your property as well. When choosing a stringed light, the color temperature should be warm, creating a welcoming ambiance.

2.   Add Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures can add character and style to any outdoor living space. These light fixtures are hung from above, with countless design variations you can use. You can use pendant lighting for general, task, or accent lighting for your outdoor space.

In outdoor settings, pendant lighting is best used to highlight the main features of structures. If you have a patio outside with a table, you can place the pendant light above it to create an accent.

With these light fixtures installed, you will improve the space’s aesthetic and give it more depth. The lights can also be used to enhance a specific style of outdoor living spaces–whether it’s modern, traditional, or rustic design.

3. Enhance Outdoor Bench Seating with Lighting

If you have bench seating in your outdoor living space, you can improve their style with accent lighting. Adding LED lighting underneath the bench seats will create a warm ambient glow for guests.

This bench lighting should only be accent lighting, not the main light source for your outdoor space. Having lighting underneath the bench will add depth to the lighting design with a creative twist.

When installing bench lighting, you should use lighting that provides a lower light output. By adding low-voltage LED lighting, you will create the ideal atmosphere for your guests at the outdoor gathering.

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Gathering Space Today

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