Memorial Villages Houston comprises several cities into one bustling area. If you live in one of the six cities, you’re surrounded by friendly neighbors, exciting shopping and nightlife, and prestigious schools. Memorial Villages, while expansive, still maintains a small-town feel with metropolitan flair. It’s the perfect in-between for someone who loves both country and city living alike. Since a large majority of the community are homeowners, landscape lighting and other yard services are popular in the area. Houston Lightscapes had the opportunity to work on one such home. 

Memorial Villages Houston Home

This home sits on two village acres, so it’s a fairly expansive property. It’s a large multi-story house with a large balcony out in front, surrounded by trees. Due to the size of the property, there’s a massive yard in front of the house. 

The backyard of a memorial villages houston home with a patio table and chairs and string lights

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

The Memorial Villages Houston Home was a wedding gift from a father to his daughter. While the daughter was away, the father called Houston Lightscapes to set up exterior house lights around the property. As he had his consultation with Michael Akerman, the owner of Houston Lightscapes, he discussed how he wanted an elegant lighting plan – “Very clean and classy.” In addition to the aesthetics of the lighting plan, he also wanted to add functionality and security. Security was a top priority. Michael Akerman created a landscape lighting plan that would create a clean, elegant facade for the front of the house and a plan for the backyard that would show off the expanse of the property and add additional security. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

A two story brick memorial villages houston home sits on a large lot surrounded by trees

Different lighting techniques were used in the front and back of the house. For the front of the house, moonlighting was installed to give a soft, ethereal light to the property. Moonlighting is popular in landscape lighting for the elegant, romantic aesthetic it gives off. Houston Lightscapes also used in-ground floodlights in the front of the house to flood the facade with light, highlighting the architecture and adding security.

In the back of the house, they also used moonlighting to create an elegant atmosphere. Accent floodlights were installed in the back to pinpoint some of the smaller trees that the owner wanted to be emphasized. Lastly, two sports court lights were used to light up the hooding on the house.

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

This job was unique because it was a gift for someone’s daughter. We don’t often get to work on a surprise lighting design for a property. We’re used to working directly with the owner. Creating something that will spark happiness in a new homeowner and add security and peace of mind is a wonderful feeling. This is a job we can feel proud about. 

Set Up A Free Memorial Villages Tx Consultation

If you live in one of the 6 Memorial Villages Houston cities, set up a free consultation with Houston Lightscapes. We’ll come to your home and walk your property with you. The next step will be setting up a temporary lighting design so you can see what you’ll get before buying anything. To learn more about our work in Memorial Villages, check us out here.

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