Tanglewood Houston is one of the nicest areas in the city. It’s a place of luxury and family values. Tanglewood is known for its large multi million dollar lots, and beautifully wooded landscapes. There are 3 oak trees added at every corner. Some of the best schools exist in this neighborhood making it popular with families with children. It’s also full of great shopping and dining options that make it a premier location to live. To learn more about Tanglewood, go here. Houston Lightscapes got the pleasure of installing landscape lighting on one massive lot in the neighborhood. 

A two story stone detailed house with a Juliette balcony in Tanglewood Houston

The Tanglewood Houston Residence

This beautiful 5 million dollar lot in Tanglewood Houston has beautiful stone detailing, sharp peaks, and a charming Juliet balcony. The landscaping and plant life is elegant and subtle, nicely accentuating the architectural features of the house. A newly married couple asked Houston Lightscapes to improve the curb appeal of their home. 

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

The wife of the newly married couple wanted to make this Tanglewood Houston home her own. She was redoing everything to add a modern, up to date touch on the property. The home had a current lighting plan when Mike Akerman, owner of Houston Lightscapes, arrived. The couple wanted to improve the look and quality of the current lighting, while adding additional security. Mike decided to reuse their old lights but with updated wires, sockets, and bulbs so they didn’t have to buy everything brand new when they had a solid foundation to work from. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

Due to this property’s large size, several lighting techniques were used to bring the customer’s vision to life. While installing landscape lighting on the lot, two types of flood lights were used in the front and backyard – in ground floods and accent floods. Floodlights are placed low to the ground, angled up towards the house. In grounds are pretty self explanatory – they’re installed in ground. Accent floods are used to accent certain focal points and features on a house such as peaks.

Mike also installed pathlights for a seamless transition to the entryways of the house. Moonlights was placed at an elevation angled downwards to cast lighting that mimicked the beams from a full moon at night. Lastly, Mike installed spotlights to draw attention to key points on the home and on the property that needed more light than the average flood could provide. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Because there are peaks that hang over the house, special techniques had to be used to ensure lighting could make its way from bottom to top of the house’s peaks. Mike mounted lights on the overhangs to ensure the light would cover the full area despite the overhangs. 

Set Up A Free Tanglewood Houston Consultation

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