Moonlighting is a very universal way of lighting, some might call it the swiss army knife of lights. Moonlighting appeared in the early 1990’s in Houston and became popular because of how beautiful and warm it looked and all the different ways it could be used. Unlike regular low voltage outdoor lighting at the time, the mercury vapor bulb would keep its color and last much longer.

Around 2010 Mercury vapor was beginning to be faded out for LED moonlights. It took a few years for outdoor lighting companies to get the look and effect that was desired, that is trying to get the new LED Moonlights to look as similar to the old Mercury Vapor as possible.

The new LED Moonlights being used by professional outdoor lighting companies, can either be line voltage “120volt” or Low voltage “12volt.” Moonlighting can be used as accent lighting on houses, trees, or sculptures, but the main purpose is to be shooting down giving the effect of a big bright full moon. When installed correctly by a professional outdoor lighting company, the light fixtures should be as invisible as possible, because the main goal for any type of outdoor lighting is for it to look breathtaking at night and be unnoticeable during the day.

Some outdoor lighting might need to serve the purpose of functionality and others to be decorative, but  Moonlighting can be both. Moonlighting can be used by mounting the lights at the tops of trees around your yard, trying to make sure they are at least 30ft high and no more than 100ft high. When mounted at the tops of trees the light cascades down through the branches and leaves creating extremely inviting shadows. If a homeowner does not have tall trees around his or her house the eves of the house can be used if tall enough.

When it comes to having your Moonlighting done right either by its self or to be used with landscape lighting, making sure you have the right outdoor lighting company is key. Having too much or too little light will make a big difference in the outcome of your outdoor lighting.

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