With Summer approaching quickly, and the pandemic still in full swing, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that there won’t be any beach vacations this year. You won’t even be able to make it to the public pool. If you have a pool at home, it’s time to take advantage of it. You can enhance your pool and make it safer with outdoor lighting. We’ve put together a few pool lighting ideas for you to consider. 


Moonlighting is one of the more natural pool lighting ideas. It is created by placing a lighting fixture in a tree or elevated area and having light stream through the branches and foliage. The light casts a hazy, ethereal glow across the landscape below. A cool-toned light is typically used for moonlighting as the light a moon gives off is on the cooler side of the kelvin spectrum (the spectrum used to measure color temperature). Moonlighting mimics the natural light from the moon and is meant to fit in seamlessly with the natural lighting of the nighttime sky. When done properly, you shouldn’t be able to tell that the lighting is coming from an unnatural source. 

Path Lighting

When using a pool at night, the number one thing on everyone’s mind should be safety. Especially if you have children. The best way to ensure your loved ones can get the most out of having a swimming pool while maintaining safety, is adding path lighting to your pool area. Adding generously placed path lighting along the path to your pool and around the perimeter of the pool can prevent any nasty accidents. You can place lighting on the stairs and along walkways, and around the outskirts of your pool. You can also light a path to your patio or grill station, or add lighting to and around your firepit.

Deck Lighting

Light up your pool deck with strategically placed lighting that adds ambiance and practicality to your property. If you have an eating area on your deck, this is a great opportunity to create the perfect environment for entertaining (whether it be your family or your friends). You can add overhead string lights or exterior wall lighting. You can also add downlighting from trees and other elevated areas. You can add step lights on your deck as well. Deck lighting works well if you have an area by your pool to lay out on. People can recline comfortably at night while gazing at the stars.

Pool lighting ideas such as lighting up these patio chairs are great for summer entertaining

Underwater Lights

Of course, the most important part of pool lighting is lighting the pool itself. Our designers have experience installing underwater pool lights that will illuminate the water for safety and beauty. Lights are usually installed around the entrance to the pool and along the interior walls of the pool. Unless you are using suction lighting, the pool will most likely need to be drained for an entire electrical lighting system to be installed. Pool lighting can yield beautiful results and can make sure your family gets to enjoy your pool even late into the night.

If you have questions about some pool lighting ideas and want advice from a professional, contact our outdoor lighting designers at Houston Lightscapes. Not only do we provide a free consultation to learn about your vision, but we also offer a free nighttime demo where we light up your home with temporary lights for free. This way, you get to see your vision come to life and tell us of any changes you’d want to be done before permanent installation. You can set up a free demo here.

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