Houston Lightscapes has been installing low voltage landscape lighting in homes all across Houston for over 30 years. One of the areas we take pride in servicing is Memorial Villages Houston Tx. This is an amazing neighborhood full of beautiful homes with features that deserve to be illuminated at night. For September, we wanted to highlight one of these gorgeous homes – The Traditional Village Homestead of Memorial Villages. 

While this homestead was not an overly large project, it was a traditional village acre. This is a moderate-sized lot that requires attention to detail and lighting expertise. We service all sizes of properties but a standard village acre is common for our work. How did we create a plan to illuminate this village acre?

Memorial Villages Houston Tx home, the Traditional village homestead is a two story, lengthy home lit up at night.

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

To begin our design process, we make sure we understand the client’s goal and vision for their house. At the end of the day, the client’s opinion is all that matters, so we make sure they feel comfortable expressing their needs and wants in a lighting design.

For the Traditional Village Homestead, the owner had an existing lighting system that they were unhappy with. They felt it no longer did their home justice, and they wanted something that was more aesthetic. They wanted a beautiful lighting design that stood out and brought forward all the features they were proud of. Michael Akerman, founder of Houston Lightscapes, says “You know it’s what you want when you see it.” That’s why he believes in offering free nighttime lighting demos, so that you can see the plan and feel confident in your decision.

After speaking with the owners, he put together a plan based on their wants and his suggestions, and presented them with the potential end result in the form of a nighttime demo. Upon their approval, the work could begin on installation. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

The finalized low voltage landscape lighting plan utilized various techniques and fixtures to achieve the stunning end result. Accent lighting was used to upwash the house and the trees in light. Accent lighting is a technique that focuses on certain areas or features of a property for the means of highlighting them. In-ground floodlights were used around the house and under the trees to create the glow surrounding the house. 

Houston Lightscapes also used indirect lighting in the design. This technique is used to reflect light off of the wall or roof or other surface. It was used on this Memorial Villages Houston Tx home to avoid huge shadows created by the rest of the design. An example of this is the lighting mounted on the gutter brackets aiming up at the second floor window. Placing lights shooting up at the peaks on either side of the house illuminates what would otherwise be masked in shadow.

Not pictured, in the back of the house, we used moonlights to add a soft, ethereal glow to the property. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Like all properties, there’s something special and unique to draw attention to. The Traditional Village Homestead is special too. Michael wanted to illuminate the home in a way that showed off the full length of the property. The goal was to make the property look as grand at night as it was during the day, all while achieving a subdued and not overstated appearance. 

Set Up A Free Memorial Villages Houston Tx Consultation

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