As one of the premier landscape lighting companies in Houston, we have the privilege of servicing some of the most beautiful homes in the area. One area, in particular, that we do a lot of work in, is Memorial Villages Tx. Every lighting design we create is completely customized to each property. This personalization makes us proud to show off our designs to fellow homeowners and residents of memorial villages. This August, we want to highlight an especially beautiful property – the Memorial Villages Tx Villa. 

While we curate LED outdoor landscape lighting for all sizes of properties, this Texas Villa was a rather large property in an expensive part of town. It was a big job that we were more than happy to work on. With bigger jobs comes more responsibility, and it opens up opportunities that might not be available for smaller projects. How does Houston Lightscapes decide on a lighting plan for a large property?

The memorial villages tx villa lit up at night with 2 cars on the left and right side of the driveway

Identifying A Goal & Vision For A Property

As lighting designers, one of the most important steps to designing a lighting plan is understanding a customer’s vision for their property. So, when we arrived at the Memorial Villages Tx Villa, we worked with the owner to identify their lighting goals. 

The owner had been working with another lighting company previously for a few years. The company wasn’t providing the services she needed or wanted, and they would often tell her that her vision was unattainable. When she called us for a consultation, she didn’t have many expectations. She originally wanted us to service the lighting system that was already in place. This previously installed system was sparse and lacking vision. The owner asked our founder, Mike, if it was possible to light the facade and garage, as the other lighting company she used had told her this wasn’t possible. Mike immediately told her of the vision he had for the property from the moment he had arrived, and ensured her he could illuminate the facade and the garage in a way that would exceed her expectations. She liked Mike’s vision and decided to move forward with the plan he laid out. 

What Lighting Techniques Were Used?

Mike’s led outdoor landscape lighting plan relied on various forms of lighting and fixtures. He wanted to curate a design that had nuance and variety. He installed accent floods on various risers. This allowed light to shoot through the bushes onto the exterior of the house. On either side of the front door, he core drilled into the concrete and placed a flat well light. Well lights are safe to walk over and to drive over, making it perfect for path lighting and illuminating the driveway. Then, for ambiance, Mike added LED moonlights in an oak tree to the side of the house. The moonlights shone down softly on the driveway below, resulting in a glowy, natural effect. 

What’s Special About This Lighting Design?

Every property is unique, and a proper lighting design should bring the best out of a property. For the Memorial Villages Tx Villa, Mike wanted to draw attention to the beautiful architectural features of the house. The architecture drew inspiration from Mexican architecture and design, and Mike wanted to emphasize this through a custom lighting plan. The moonlights not only adds ambiance, but also provides an element of safety to the driveway. With a good custom lighting design, a home will always be lit up effectively. This property is elegant and modern, and will last the test of time. 

The memorial villages tx villa lit up at night with an archway to the front door and a lit up window above it. There are two cars in the driveway.

Set Up A Free Memorial Villages Tx Consultation

If you have a Memorial Villages Houston home, and want to improve its exterior with landscape lighting, setting up a consultation is easy and fast. Simply fill out this form here, and we will set up a time to walk through your property with you and identify which areas will benefit from outdoor lighting. We will even install a free nighttime lighting demo so you can see first hand how your property will be improved.  Transform your property today. 

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