Adding outdoor lighting to your home’s property is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and safety. You can add ambiance with lighting while also providing illumination for essential walkways around your property. However, there is an art to making outdoor lighting look amazing for your home.

Outdoor lighting isn’t just about adding lights to illuminate your outdoor living spaces. There are specific methods to help you achieve a beautifully lit home with a welcoming atmosphere. This article will cover some simple and effective lighting methods you can implement for your home.

Developing An Outdoor Lighting Plan

To develop a beautiful and safe outdoor lighting layout, you first need to learn the basic types of lighting fixtures. When creating a plan, you should include the following lighting types into your outdoor lighting design to get the most dynamic and well-balanced layout:

  • Spotlights: If you need a small light pointed at an object, the ideal choice is a spotlight. There are various spotlights, from LEDs to incandescent lights, that depend on the application.
  • Flood Lighting: As ambient lighting, you can use floodlighting to illuminate large areas of your outdoor space. If you want to create a welcoming environment, the light should have a warm color temperature.
  • Path Lighting: Safety should be a key focus when adding outdoor lighting to your home. Illuminating the paths around your property is a great way to ensure your family is safe at night.

Focus On Entryway Lighting

Every good lighting design begins with illuminating the entryways of the property. Your entryway sets the ambiance of your home when guests are walking to your door. Entryway lighting should have a warm color temperature, typically in the 2,700k to 3,200k range of color for most situations.

Additionally, the brightness of the lights is an essential factor in creating a welcoming environment. If the brightness is too low, it can create an unsafe environment with low visibility for hazards. When the brightness is too high, it can affect the ambiance and create an unsightly glare. Choose lightbulbs that are between 40 and 80 watts for the ideal brightness.

Accent Unique Outdoor Lighting Features

Proper outdoor lighting should highlight all of the best features of your home. Whether it’s a detailed garden statue or a water feature, you can highlight these landscape features with spotlighting. If you want to highlight a feature, the most common lighting method is placing it at the structure’s base.

The upward lighting will draw attention to the feature and give your outdoor living space more character. However, it’s crucial that you don’t overdo the light accents, as this can take away from the impact. Select only a handful of different features that you want to highlight on your property.

Get A Home Makeover By Professional Lighting Designers

If you want to highlight your home’s unique features and upgrade your home’s security, the best way is by hiring a professional team. Experienced lighting designers can create the ideal setup for your home. Contact our team at Houston Lightscapes today to receive a free landscape lighting consultation.

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