If you want to improve the safety and style of your pool, one of the best ways is with high-quality pool lighting. By adding illumination to your pool, you can enjoy a swim during the evenings and get the most out of your pool.

However, you must have lighting rated for wet environments like an outdoor pool. Water and electricity don’t mix, so it’s crucial you have lighting fixtures designed for pools where no water can interfere with the electrical system. 

This article will cover important features of pool lights, the types of lights available, and the benefits of these light fixtures.

Features of Pool Lights

A few defining characteristics of pool lighting make it a useful option for underwater illumination. The most important feature is its water-tight design that protects the light from water intrusion. 

When shopping for lighting options, it’s best to get approval from a professional lighting company. You should verify that the light will withstand the demands of being submerged and is bright enough to illuminate the area. 

One of the unique features of pool lighting is the creative illumination options. If you want to create a fun atmosphere, there are several multi-color LED lighting fixtures with customizable colors. 

Types of Pool Lights

While there are several light options like incandescent, halogen, and LED lighting, LED lights are the most useful option. An LED pool light has a longer operational life and consumes less electricity. 

With pool lights requiring high lumen outputs, using LED lights will cut energy costs for your home. There are a few methods for installing pool lighting for your property, with some of the most common options being: 

  • Flush-Mounted Underwater Lights
  • Surface-Mounted Underwater Lights
  • LED Floodlights and Garden Lights

There are two ways to install lighting within a pool, with the surface-mounted lights installed on the pool’s surface. A flush-mounted light is installed within the pool’s wall structure, offering a more sleek appearance. 

Illuminating your pool area doesn’t only include within the pool. If you want to provide a safer environment, you should focus on lighting the pool deck as well with LED floodlights and garden lights.

Benefits of Pool Lights

There are numerous benefits to adding lighting to your pool. The most important is the improved safety that comes with the added illumination. It improves nighttime visibility and helps highlight transitions to pool decks. 

When done correctly, pool lights will also add character to your property. Whether you add brightly colored lights to celebrate a special occasion or holiday, pool lights add that extra level of style. 

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