Your yard is more than just a yard – it is your own personal oasis, and a place to create memories. Since your backyard is a finite space, it is important to utilize every inch that you have. Using proper outdoor lighting techniques not only can bring a space from drab to fab, but it can also make your backyard seem way bigger! Let’s dive into some ways you can utilize lighting to enhance every inch of your backyard paradise.

Add lighting along your walkways.

A curved, well-lit walkway that gently meanders through your yard will create an illusion that your yard is larger than it actually is. The gentle curves of the path will also create an aesthetically pleasing sight, and the lighting will add texture and contrast. You could place the lights either down in the ground or raise them up and have them line the sides of the walkway. The lighting will also enhance the safety of your yard.

Incorporate uplighting.

Uplighting is a technique where lights are strategically placed at the base of an object so it is illuminated vertically. You can use uplighting to illuminate architectural features, such as bay windows, latticework, columns, and walls. You could also utilize this lighting technique on trees and shrubs. Uplighting adds a dramatic yet elegant flair, and it also adds depth to a space. By placing emphasis on certain objects, uplighting is sure to make your backyard feel bigger!

Light up your pool.

Placing lights inside of the water of your pool will make the pool seem larger and more inviting. This also adds an extra layer of safety as well. In addition, you can also light up the pool deck or patio area! String lights are an excellent way to add even more light to this area, making it feel more warm and inviting.

Use the moonlighting technique.

Moonlighting is when hidden light fixtures are placed up in trees and other tall objects in order to illuminate an area below. Instead of using a direct beam of light, this technique gives off a subtle glow which mimics the effect of moonlight dancing on the ground. Not only does this add extra visibility, it also gives a gorgeous dramatic flair to the area.

Light up your outdoor fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to add a gathering place in the yard. The fire inside of it will provide a cozy glow, as well as a warm place to hang out even during the cold winter months. You can hang string lights up around the fireplace for extra lighting, place in-ground lighting around it, or utilize any other form of accent lighting.

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